XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2 cheats and console commands can be extremely helpful for making the game a bit easier, more creative, or frankly just gaining god-like powers. 

A small percentage of the commands require the War of the Chosen DLC to be installed and we’ll try to mention that when we realize that this is the case. Other than that, most commands also require you to be either in Avenger or in a mission. Otherwise, the console may not recognize them. 

Leaving that aside, this should work for both Steam and the DRM-free version. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it. 

How to Enable XCOM 2 Console Commands

First things first, we need to enable the console. Otherwise, you won’t be able to insert any of the commands. 

If you got the game on Steam, this is as easy as going to the Library -> XCOM 2 Properties -> Launch options -> and add “-allowconsole”. That should do it. 

If you have a DRM-free version, then you need to: 

  1. Create a shortcut of the .EXE file
  2. Right-click on it
  3. Select “Properties” 
  4. At the end of the “Target” section, add -allowconsole

After this is done, you can open the console while in-game by pressing the “~” or “/” key on your keyboard for both Mac and Windows. Let’s check out the commands!

DLC Commands

As the heading suggests, these commands will only work with the War of the Chosen DLC. 

bondsoldiers [“soldier name”] [“soldier name”] [true/false]: Bonds or unbonds two soldiers

givefactionsoldiers: Gives you a soldier from every faction in the War of the Chosen (Reaper, Skirmisher, and Templar)

God Mode Commands

These commands include things like healing, invulnerability, leveling up, and stuff like that. 

setsoldierstat [stat id] [value] [soldier name] [0 / 1]: Sets the stat of a soldier to the specified value. You can find all the stat IDs over here

powerup: Enables god mode for your squad which won’t have to reload and won’t be able to take any damage

takenodamage: Disables and enables damage for your soldiers

levelupbarracks [ammount]: Levels up all soldiers in your barracks

healallsoldiers: Heals all of the soldiers in your barracks up to full HP

giveabilitychanges: Adds 100 chargers to all of your abilities (Has been reported as buggy. Save before using it)

Item and Weapon Commands

Again, pretty much self-explanatory. Use these commands to add items and weapons. 

additem blattlescanner [amount]: Adds the specified amount of Battle Scanners

additem mindshield [amount]: Adds the specified amount of Mind Shields

additem hazmatvest [amount]: Adds the specified amount of Hazmat Vests

additem stasisvest [amount]: Adds the specified amount of Stasis Vests

additem heavypoweredarmor [amount]: Adds the specified amount of W.A.R. Suits

additem lightpoweredarmor [amount]: Adds the specified amount of Wraith Suits

additem freekillupgrade_sup [amount]: Adds the specified amount of Superior Repeaters

additem aimupgrade_Sup [amount]: Adds Superior Scopes

additem missdamageupgrade_sup [amount]: Adds Superior Stocks

additem EpicPCSAgility [amount]: Adds Superior Agility

additem EpicPCSConditioning [amount]: Adds Superior Conditioning

additem EpicPCSFocus [amount]: Adds Superior Focus

additem EpicPCSPerception [amount]: Adds Superior Perception

additem EpicPCSSpeed [amount]: Adds Superior Speed

additem ReloadUpgrade_Sup [amount]: Adds Auto-Loader

additem ClipSizeUpgrade_Sup [amount]: Adds Expanded Magazines

additem FreeFireUpgrade_Sup [amount]: Adds Superior Hair Triggers

additem CritUpgrade_Sup [amount]: Adds Laser Sights

That should be all of them. If we missed one, let us know about it in the comments. 

Resource Commands

The below commands will give you resources such as Alien Alloys, corpses, and more. 

giveresource abilitypoint [amount]: Gives you ability points to use in order to gain abilities

giveresource CorpseAdventMEC [amount]: Gives you the specified amount of Advent MEC corpses

giveresource CorpseAdventOfficer [amount]: Adds Officer corpses

giveresource CorpseAdventShieldbearer [amount]: Adds Shielbearer corpses

giveresource CorpseAdventStunLancer [amount]: Adds Lancer corpses

giveresource CorpseAdventTrooper [amount]: Adds Trooper corpses

giveresource AlienAlloy [amount]: Adds Alien Alloys

giveresource CorpseArchon [amount]: Adds Archon corpses

giveresource CorpseBerserker [amount]: Adds Berseker corpses

giveresource EleriumCore [amount]: Adds Elerium Cores

giveresource EleriumDust [amount]: Adds Elerium Crystals

giveresource CorpseFaceless [amount]: Adds Faceless corses

giveresource Intel [amount]: Adds Intel

giveresource CorpseMuton [amount]: Adds Muton corpses

giveresource CorpseSectoid [amount]: Adds Sectoid corpses

giveresource supplies [amount]: Adds supplies

giveresource CorpseViper [amount]: Adds Viper corpses

Scientists and Engineers Commands

If you came here trying to find how to get more scientists and engineers, those are the two commands that are needed for this: 

givescientist [amount]: Gives you a Scientist at the specified level

giveengineer [amount]: Gives you an Engineer at the specified level

Tech Commands

This is an easy way to get all the tech that you want. 

Givetech AlienBiotech

Givetech HybridMaterials

Givetech MagneticWeapons

Givetech ModularWeapons

Givetech Psionics

Givetech PlatedArmor

Givetech ResistanceCommunications

Givetech ResistanceRadio

How to Assign Soldier Classes

When back at the base, you’ve got the option of assigning classes to your soldiers. All you need is his first and last name without their nickname and the below commands.

Just keep in mind that every reassigned soldier will be granted Squaddie status.  

MakeSoldierAClass “First and last name” Grenadier

MakeSoldierAClass “First and last name” PsiOperative

MakeSoldierAClass “First and last name” Rookie

MakeSoldierAClass “First and last name” Ranger

MakeSoldierAClass “First and last name” Sharpshooter

MakeSoldierAClass “First and last name” Specialist

How to Build Avenger Facilities With Commands

Compared to everything that we’ve seen until now, this is a bit different and tricky. In order to place facilities where you want them to be, you need to imagine 3 vertical rows with 4 horizontal ones. 

3 4 5
6 7 8
9 10 11
12 13 14

So, placing a facility on the middle left means that you’ll have to use number 6, number 7 for the center, number 8 for the right, etc. 

These are the commands for each type of facility: 

BuildFacility AdvancedWarfareCenter #

BuildFacility OfficerTrainingSchool #

BuildFacility PowerRelay #

BuildFacility ProvingGround #

BuildFacility PsiChamber #

BuildFacility ResistanceComms #

BuildFacility ShadowChamber #

BuildFacility UFODefense #

BuildFacility Workshop #

Ammunition Commands

The below commands will give you free ammunition. All you have to do is insert the command and the amount of ammunition that you want. 

GiveResource BluescreenRounds [amount]

GiveResource IncendiaryRounds [amount]

GiveResource TalonRounds [amount]

GiveResource TracerRounds [amount]

GiveResource VenomRounds [amount]

GiveResource APRounds [amount]

Armor Commands

Gives you armor. 

GiveResource HeavyPlatedArmor [amount]

GiveResource LightPoweredArmor [amount]

GiveResource LightPlatedArmor [amount]

GiveResource LightPoweredArmor [amount]


Gives you different types of grenades. 

GiveResource AcidGrenade [amount]

GiveResource AlienGrenade [amount]

GiveResource FireGrenade [amount]

GiveResource FlashbangGrenade [amount]

GiveResource FragGrenade [amount]

GiveResource GasGrenade [amount]

GiveResource SmokeGrenade [amount]


Gives you different kinds of weapons. 

GiveResource BlasterLauncher [amount]

GiveResource Flamethrower [amount]

GiveResource FlamethrowerMk2 [amount]

GiveResource PlasmaBlaster [amount]

GiveResource ShredderGun [amount]

GiveResource ShredstormCannon [amount]

Miscellaneous Commands

Generally, things that you may or may not need. 

ForceCritHits: Applies critical hits to everyone, including the AI

RestartLevel: Restarts the current mission

Togglefow: Enables or disables fog of war

ToggleSquadConcealment: Conceals or reveals your squad

ToggleUnlimitedAmmo: Unlimited ammo for both you and the AI (Can be disabled before ending your turn to keep it for yourself)

pause: Just passes or unpauses the game

screenshot: Takes a screenshot

ToggleRain: Enables or disables rain

sloMo [multiplier]: Makes the game faster or slower

ttc: Teleports your unit to the location where your mouse cursor is over

SkipAI: Makes the AI skip a turn

endbattle [0/1]: Ends the current mission

Wrapping Up

That’s about it for now. If there are any good commands that we haven’t included, let us know about them in the comments. 

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