Witcher 3 Console Commands & Cheats

There is no doubt that Witcher 3 is one of the best games ever made. But, go through it a couple of times or so and the world will suddenly start feeling empty – that’s where console commands and cheats come in!

Witcher 3 console commands allow you to freely spawn NPCs, add more money, experience, control the weather, teleport, and so much more! All you need to know is how to enable the console and the right commands. 

That being said, let’s get right into it!

How to Enable The Witcher 3 Console

First things first, you’ll have to enable the console. Otherwise, there is no way to insert commands. 

There is always the option of resorting to mods. But, the truth is that it’s just not the same thing. It doesn’t give us as much freedom. 

So, what you want to do is:

  1. Head over to your Witcher 3 folder which is normally found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3
  2. Go to bin\config\base
  3. Find the general.ini file
  4. Open it with notepad
  5. And insert DBGConsoleOn=true under the [General] row

That should do it. After that, you should be able to open the console by opening the game and using the “~” button. Some keyboards may use the “`” instead. But, generally, it’s almost always placed next to “1” and/or under “ESC”. 

With that out of the way, we’d highly recommend keeping a separate backup of your game – just in case that something goes wrong. It’s not uncommon for certain commands or cheats to make games unplayable – especially when you use multiple commands at once. 

Witcher 3 Console Commands for Geralt

These commands are all related to Geralt or the player. They can be used for adding money, experience, switching characters, and other things like that. 

Before we start, do keep in mind that unlike other games, commands in The Witcher 3 are case sensitive. For example, Ciri works just fine but ciri doesn’t. 

god: Plain old god mode (Unlimited health and stamina but you still gain toxicity)

healme: Reffils Geralt’s helath bar

Ciri: Replaces Geralt with Ciri as a playable character (If you try to take quests with her the game bugs out and brings out Geralt on his underwear, though. Best case scenario, Ciri will speak with Geralt’s animations and his voice)

Geralt: Gives you back Geralt

levelup: Gives you one level

setlevel(Level): Allows you to set a specific level. For example: setlevel(30)

addexp(Value): Gives you the specified amount of XP

shave: Shaves Geralt

setbeard(1): Gives Geralt a beard

seatataoo(1) or (0): Adds or removes Geralt’s tattoo from Witcher 2 save

addmoney(value): Gives you the specified amount of crowns

learnskill(skill): Immediately gives you the specified skill (List of skill names)

learnskill(all): Immediately gives you all skills

witchcraft: Gives 1 of everything

cleardevelop: Resets Geralt to level 1

Drunk(1) or (0): 1 makes Geralt drunk and 0 makes him sober again (Some characters give different responds and dialogues when you’re drunk)

Cat(1) or (0): 1 gives you the ability to see in the dark and 0 takes it away

secretgwint: Instantly launches a Gwent match

buffme(‘Potion ID’): Gives Geralt the specified ability/potion (List of ability IDs)

setcustomhead(‘Head ID’): Gives Geralt the specified hairstyle and beard (List of custom heads)

removecustomhead: Turns Geralt’s style back to normal

NPC Commands

More or less everything that you can do to NPCs by using commands. As far as we know, you can spawn every NPC and creature in the game and the list for them is quite long. If you’re interested in that, you can find the list of NPC IDs on this page

Most of the characters don’t interact with Geralt in any way. But, you can still use them to spawn an army of friendly and non-friendly NPCs in order to create a war. Adding a coma next to the character’s name and inserting a number spawns multiple NPCs. 

For example, spawn(‘vesemir’20) will spawn 20 Vesemirs. 



















killall: Kills all enemies in vicinity

appearance(Appearance): Changes the appearance of NPCs that have multiple models. For example, appearance(yennefer_travel_outfit) puts Yennefer on her travel outfit. You can find a list of all the appearance commands on this page

winGwint(true): Instantly makes you win the current Gwent game (Use “false” instead of “true’ to lose)

activateAllGlossaryCharacters: Shows all characters in the glossary

dismember: Dismembers the targeted NPC (Doesn’t kill them, though – which makes for an interesting spectacle)

Time and Weather Commands

Pretty much anything that has to do with weather and time control. The titles are self-explanatory, so, no need for descriptions here. 




















TM(value): Sets how fast (or slow) time passes

Teleportation and HUD Commands

These commands can teleport you to most places in Witcher 3 immediately while we also included some HUD options as well. 





gotoPrologWinter: (White Orchard)

xy(400,200): Teleports you to Kaer Trolde port

xy(7,-41): Crach’s Castle

ShowAllFT(1): Displays all Signposts on map

ShowPins(1): Displays all icons and areas on the world map

dlgshow: Hides the game’s HUD

Item and Weapon Commands

There are frankly way too many items and weapons for us to mention into a single article. So, instead, we’re going to include some interesting options – and if that’s not enough for you, there is always the full list over here. 

School of the Wolf Gear

The names are pretty much self-explanatory. 

additem(‘Wolf Armor’)

additem(‘Wolf Armor 1’)

additem(‘Wolf Armor 2’)

additem(‘Wolf Armor 3’)

additem(‘Wolf Armor 4’)

additem(‘Wolf Boots 1’)

additem(‘Wolf Boots 2’)

additem(‘Wolf Boots 3’)

additem(‘Wolf Boots 4’)

additem(‘Wolf Boots 5’)

additem(‘Wolf Gloves 1’)

additem(‘Wolf Gloves 2’)

additem(‘Wolf Gloves 3’)

additem(‘Wolf Gloves 4’)

additem(‘Wolf Gloves 5’)

additem(‘Wolf Pants 1’)

additem(‘Wolf Pants 2’)

additem(‘Wolf Pants 3’)

additem(‘Wolf Pants 4’)

additem(‘Wolf Pants 5’)

additem(‘Wolf School silver sword’)

additem(‘Wolf School silver sword 1’)

additem(‘Wolf School silver sword 2’)

additem(‘Wolf School silver sword 3’)

additem(‘Wolf School silver sword 4’)

additem(‘Wolf School steel sword’)

additem(‘Wolf School steel sword 1’)

additem(‘Wolf School steel sword 2’)

additem(‘Wolf School steel sword 3’)

additem(‘Wolf School steel sword 4’)

School of the Bear Gear

additem(‘Bear Armor’)

additem(‘Bear Armor 1’)

additem(‘Bear Armor 2’)

additem(‘Bear Armor 3’)

additem(‘Bear Armor 4’)

additem(‘Bear Boots 1’)

additem(‘Bear Boots 2’)

additem(‘Bear Boots 3’)

additem(‘Bear Boots 4’)

additem(‘Bear Boots 5’)

additem(‘Bear Gloves 1’)

additem(‘Bear Gloves 2’)

additem(‘Bear Gloves 3’)

additem(‘Bear Gloves 4’)

additem(‘Bear Gloves 5’)

additem(‘Bear Pants 1’)

additem(‘Bear Pants 2’)

additem(‘Bear Pants 3’)

additem(‘Bear Pants 4’)

additem(‘Bear Pants 5’)

additem(‘Bear School silver sword’)

additem(‘Bear School silver sword 1’)

additem(‘Bear School silver sword 2’)

additem(‘Bear School silver sword 3’)

additem(‘Bear School silver sword 4’)

additem(‘Bear School steel sword’)

additem(‘Bear School steel sword 1’)

additem(‘Bear School steel sword 2’)

additem(‘Bear School steel sword 3’)

additem(‘Bear School steel sword 4’)

additem(‘Bear School Crossbow’)

General Armor 

additem(‘Heavy armor 04_crafted’)

additem(‘Light armor 08_crafted’)

additem(‘Medium armor 04_crafted’)

additem(‘Relic Heavy 3 crafted’)

additem(‘Starting Armor 1’)

additem(‘DLC5 Nilfgaardian Armor’)

additem(‘Knight Geralt A Armor 3’)

additem(‘Toussaint Armor 3’)

additem(‘Guard Lvl2 A Armor 2’)

additem(‘Burning Rose Armor’)

additem(‘Heavy armor 05r’)

additem(‘Light armor 09r’)

additem(‘Medium armor 11r’)

additem(‘Oathbreaker armor’)

additem(‘Thyssen armor’)

additem(‘Zireael armor’)

additem(‘Relic Heavy 3 armor’)

General Swords

additem(‘Dwarven silver sword 2’)

additem(‘Dwarven sword 2’)

additem(‘Elven silver sword 2’)

additem(‘Nilfgaardian sword 4’)

additem(‘Novigraadan sword 4’)

additem(‘Scoiatael sword 4’)

additem(‘Silver sword 8’)

additem(‘Skellige sword 4’)

additem(‘Witcher Silver Sword’)











additem(‘Unique silver sword’)

additem(‘q704 vampire silver sword’)

additem(‘PC Caretaker Shovel’) (Technically not a sword)

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. Again, do keep in mind that this is nothing but a short version of all the available commands. If you want the full list, then this page will come in handy. 

So far, the only thing that managed to crash the game for us was spawning a few hundred NPCs in the same place. Still, we’d recommend keeping a separate save file where you don’t toy around with commands. And if possible, keep a backup of the game as well.

If we forgot to mention something important, you can let us know about it in the comments section. 

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