The Forest Console Commands & Cheats

The forest’s console commands are an easy way to make the game more interesting. After all, we can use them to enable god mode, add any item of our choice to the inventory, control the game in various ways, and so much more. 

All you need is the right keywords and that’s about it. But, before that, we highly recommend keeping a backup of the game – just in case that something goes wrong. Console commands are known for breaking/glitching their games in a number of different ways. 

Let’s move on!

The Forest: How to Enable the Console

The console is more often made for developers rather than the players – which is why many games have it disabled by default. The Forest is also one of these games, but, thankfully, enabling it is relatively easy. 

First of all, go to: 

  1. Options
  2. Gameplay
  3. Select “Allow Cheats”
  4. And set it to “on”

Then, while on the main menu, type developermodeon. You won’t see anything, but that should enable the console. 

After that, you should be able to bring up the console by using the “F1” key. And that’s about it. 

Game Modes

You can use these commands on the main menu without even enabling the console in the first place. What they do is that they mostly change how the game plays in a variety of different ways. 

ironforest: Makes buildings indestructible

meatmode: Disables cheats

rawmeatmode: Hardcore mode (Permadeath. The moment you die, the save gets erased. Much like The Long Dark in its normal survival mode)

veganmode: Nothing but enemies will appear in caves

vegetarianmode: Enemies will only come out during the night

woodpaste: Rests all holes that are made by the crane and the hole cutter

regrowmode: 10% of trees that have fallen down will grow up again during the night while you sleep (Tree stump needs to still be there)

The Forest Console Commands and Cheats

Since there are a ton of commands to play with, we’ll try to split up things in multiple categories in order to make things easier. Let’s kick things off with some of the most popular options!

survival on or off: Toggles survival mode (Turning it off means that you won’t have to take care of vital necessities such as eating or drinking)

godmode on or off: Toggles god mode (Disables damage while things such as stamina and food/water meters will never deplete)

buildhack on or off: Basically the same thing with creative mode

buildermode on or off: Enables buildhack while also enabling godmode on and survival off in a single command (Also turns enemies off and adds all non-story related items)

itemhack on or off: Unlimited item quantity (You must already own the item, though)

save: Immediately saves the game regardless of your location

cutgrass [Value]: Cuts grass in the specified radius (The larger the radius, the longer that the command will take in order to load)

cutdowntrees [Percentage]: Cuts down the specified percentage of trees. 100% cuts down all of them

cutdowntrees [Trees]: Unlike percentage, this command allows you to specify the exact number of trees instead

addallitems: Gives you all non-story related items

addallstoryitems: Adds all story-related items to the inventory

buildallghosts: Creates every blueprint that has been placed

cancelallghosts: Has the opposite effect of the above command

speedyrun on or off: Toggles fast run

cavelight on or off: Toggles lighting within caves

killallenemies: Kills all enemies in the vicinity (Doesn’t prevent them from respawning, though)

enemies on or off: Pretty much self-explanatory

terrainrender on or off: Toggles terrain (You can still walk on the disabled terrain)

killlocalplayer: Suicide

killmefast: Permanent suicide

Item Commands

Pretty much all the commands that have to do with item commands. Do keep in mind that there are way too many item IDs for us to mention into a single, compact article like this one. 

So, if you need the full list, then you can refer to this page

addclothingbyid [ID]: Gives you the specified clothing. Some of the easiest to use are: 

addClothingById 9: Black Suit

addClothingById 32: Tennist Outfit

addClothingById 33: Pilot Uniform

addClothingById 29: Stewardess Dress

There are obviously many more IDs to choose from. Using listclothing should give you the full list. 

addallitems: As mentioned at the beginning, this adds all non-story related items to the inventory

removeallitems: Pretty self-explanatory

addallstoryitems: Adds all story-related items to the inventory

removeallstoryitems: Opposite effect of the above command

spawnallpicks: Respawns items that have already been collected

additem [Item ID]: Adds the specified item to your inventory

spawnitem [Item ID]: Spawns the specified item in front of the character

removeitem [Item ID]: Removes the specified item from the inventory

Again, there are a ton of available item IDs to use and the full list can be found over here. Here are a few options to get you started. 

301: Creepy Armor

299: Warmsuit

298: Virginia Head

296: Mutant Baby Head

29: Bomb

87: Crafted Axe

88: Modern Axe

137: Stealth Armor

230: Flintlock Pistol

261: Chainsaw

265: Machete

Weather + Space and Time Commands

All the commands that we know of that can control the weather, time of day, and our position on the map. 

goto [Location]: Teleports you the player to the specified location. Here are some options to get you started: 

yacht: Inside the Yacht

boat: Top of the Yacht

cross: Back of the Yacht

hull: Spawn location (Plane)

geeselake: Geeselake (Duh)

cave [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]: The different available caves

If you know the coordinates of a specific location, you can also use goto [Coordinates] to get teleported there. For example, goto 83, -89, -847 teleports the player to the Tennis Racket

forcerain heavy: Changes the weather to heavy “Heavy Rain”

forcerain light: Light rain

forcerain medium: Medium rain

forcerain cloud: Cloudy weather

forcerain sunny: Changes the game’s weather to “Sunny” 

Do keep in mind that there is also the option of using numbers instead of numbers and they range from 2 to 6. Whatever fits you best. 

advanceday: Skips a day

setcurrentday 100: Sets the day to the specified number

timescale [Value]: Sets the time flow of the game. 1 is the default value while 2 is two times faster

lightingtimeofdayoverride [Time]: Sets the time of day. For example, lightingtimeofdayoverride 15:00 sets the time to 15:00

lightingtimeofdayoverride noon: Sets the time to noon

lightingtimeofdayoverride sunset: Sets the time to sunset

lightingtimeofdayoverride night: Sets the time to night

Do keep in mind that the time/lighting isn’t going to change after inserting the command until you turn it off. 

MISC Commands

Various commands of miscelaneous nature. 

revealcamp: Reveals the entire map

revivelocalplayer: Revives you but may only work in the multiplayer

setstat full: Sets all your stats to full (Energy, stamina, etc.) setstat can also be used for other stats such as Fullness and Sanity as well

allowsunshine on or off: Enables or disables sunshine fog

killallanimals: Kills all animals

spawnanimal [Animal]: Spawns the specified animal. For example, spawnanimal rabbit spawns a rabbit

killallworms: Kills all worms

killendboss: Kills the end boss

spawnmutant [Mutant]: Spawns the specified mutant. For example, spawnmutant female spawns a regular female cannibal

additem 180: Gives you a Katana

PlaceBuiltObjects [Object]: Places the specified object in front of you. For example, PlaceBuiltObjects ArmorMannequinBuilt 1 will summon an Armor Rack. A list of available IDs can be found over here

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. We tried to limit the listed commands as much as possible down to the most important ones. 

If you think that we forgot to mention an important one, let us know about it in the comments section. 

Once again, remember to keep a backup of the game before starting to play around with commands as they can break it in a variety of different ways. 

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