Subnautica Console Commands & Cheats

Due to the game’s vast, semi-sandboxed world, Subnautica Console Commands deliver a world of new possibilities. All you need to know is the right keywords and that’s about it. 

However, since certain commands/cheats can end up breaking the game in a number of ways, we’d highly recommend keeping a backup. Or at the very least, don’t use the commands on your main playthrough. 

With that out of the way, let’s move on. 

How to Enable Subnautica’s Console

Subnautica’s console is disabled by default. If you wish to use console commands and cheats, then you’ve got no choice but to enable the console first. 

To do that, press the “F3 button”, then hit “F8” to enable the cursor and uncheck the “Disable Console” box. After that, simply head back to the game by pressing F3 and F8 again and that should be it. 

Now you can access the console by pressing the “~” or “`” button. It differs from keyboard to keyboard, depending on the layout and language, but it’s almost always placed at the top left corner of the keyboard next to the “1” button and under “ESC”.

Do keep in mind that you’ll almost always be required to press F3 twice after quitting the game in order to be able to access the console again. And with that out of the way, let’s check out some commands. 

Subnautica Cheats

Over here you’ll find some interesting cheats like enabling unlimited power, unlimited oxygen, faster hatch times, and more. 

fastgrow: Plants grow much faster

speed [Value]: Sets the speed of the game from 0.1 to 10 (1 is the normal speed)

nocost: Allows you to build and create everything without resources

oxygen: Oxygen never runs out

nosurvival: Disables food and water

nitrogen: Adds decompression sickness as a factor (Doesn’t seem to do anything for us, though)

invisible: Makes you invisible to all creatures 

radiation: Disables radiation

infect [Range]: Infects both the player and any creature that’s in the specified area with Kharaa 

cure [Range]: Cures Kharaa for both the player and the creatures in the specified area

forerocketready: Allows you to launch the rocket without disabling the huge gun

unlockdoors: Unlocks all locked doors on the Aurora and wrecks (Still doesn’t give you access to those who need a laser)

fasthatch: Creature eggs hatch much faster

fixleaks: Automatically fixes the Aurora’s core

explodeship: Makes the Aurora explode

restoreship: Brings it back to its original state

startsunbeamstoryevent: Starts the Sunbeam quest-line

sunbeamcountdownstart: Fast forwards to the point where Sunbeam is set to arrive and save you

precursorgunaim: Immediately summons the Sunbeam

unlock all: Unlocks all blueprints

resourcesfor [Item]: Adds all the necessary resources for building the item of your choice to the inventory

spawnloot: Gives you Copper, Gold, Titanium (Metal Salvage), Quartz, Magnesium, and Salt Deposit

madloot: Gives you Titanium, Glass, Computer chips, Batteries, Scanner, Habitat Builder, and a Survival Knife

toolsloot: Spawns Propulsion Cannon, Stasis Rifle, BuildBot, Transfuser, Flare, Seaglide, and Repair Tool

Vehicle-Related Commands

As the title suggests, these commands allow you to do anything that’s related to Subnautica’s vehicles. Spawning the Cyclops, adding upgrades, things like that. 

sub cyclops: Spawns the Cyclops

sub aurora: Spawns the Aurora ship behind you (Allows you to summon a ton of them)

sub seaglide: Spawns the Seaglide

spawn seamoth: Spawns the Seamoth

spawn exosuit: Spawns the Prawn Suit

spawn rocketbase: Spawns Neptune’s base (We couldn’t get to spawn the other parts, though. You can still use one of the cheats to disable resources and create the rocket through the platform)

exosuitupgrades: Adds all Prawn Suit modules to your inventory

seamothupgrades: Adds all Seamoth modules to your inventory

vehicleupgrades: Adds all common vehicle modules to your inventory

How to Teleport With Commands

There are several different ways to teleport in Subnautica by using commands. 

The easiest ones are kill and spawn. Kill, well, kills you in the traditional way. It comes in handy if you’re stuck somewhere with Oxygen disabled. Spawn, on the other hand, simply re-spawns you somewhere nearby which is just as useful – if not even more. 

Then there is also warpme which teleports you to the last spawn point that you used. That could be the lifepod, a Cyclops, or a normal base. 

warpforward [Value] teleports you forward for as many meters as you define. 

biome [Biome] teleports you to the specified biome. Then there’s also goto [Name] which seems to mostly teleport you into story-related locations. If you type goto without mentioning a name, Subnautica will display all the names that you can use with this command. 

If you’re feeling a bit more technical, there’s also warp [X] [Y] [Z] which teleports you to the specified coordinates. This is one of the toughest to use as it requires us to know the coordinates for each location. 

The easiest way to teleport around is arguably by using the biome command. That being said, here are all the biome commands that were able to find till now: 

Safe: Starting location

kelp: Kelp Forest

kelp_cave: Kelp Forest Caves

grassy: Grassy Plateus

grassy_cave: Grassy Platea Caves

mushroom: Mushroom Forest

koosh: Bulb Zone

koosh_caves: Bulb Zone Caves

jellyshroom: Jellyshroom Caves

sparsereef: Sparse Reef

grandreef: Grand Reef

dunes: Dunes (You don’t say)


mountains_cave: Mountain Range Caves

deepgrand: Deep Grand Reef

Bloodkelp: Blood Kelp Zone

underislands: Underwater Islands

smokers: Grand Reef Thermal Vents

tree: Lage Mushroom Tree

lostriver: Lost River

lavazone: Active Lava Zone/Lakes

Subnautica Console Commands

Just some general commands of miscellaneous nature that you can use. 

fps: Displays FPS (Alternatively, you can also use something like MSI Afterburner)

sizeref: Spawns a diver (Because why not)

fog: Enables or disables fog (Do keep in mind that it makes the game look weird)

freecam: Switches the game to free camera mode (It moves extremely slowly, though)

farplane [Value]: Sets default draw distance (Default is 1000)

creative: Sets the game to creative mode

freedom: Sets the game to freedom mode



day: Sets the time to “Day”

night: Sets the game time to “Night” 

spawn [Item/Object/Creature] [Amount]: Spawns the specified item

playerinfection [Stage]: Sets the infection stage of your character

bobthebuilder: Uses the following commands at once: fastbuild, unlockall, nocost, fasgrow, fasthatch, and radiation, while also adding these items to your inventory: Habitat Builder, Scanner, Survival Knife, and Repair Tool

flood: Causes every Cyclops ship on the map to start flooding

destroycyclops: Destroys every Cyclops ship on the map

restorecyclops: Restores every Cyclops ship on the map, but leaves them with a low health bar

dig [Meters]: Removes the specified terrain from the map

nobloom: Disables bloom

noshadows: Disables shadows (Requires the game to be restarted)

randomstart: Puts you on a lifepod at a random location

vr: Enables or disables VR mode

vsync: Toggles VSync (If you drop 1 frame below your monitor’s refresh rate the game is going to lag a lot)

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. If you think we forgot to mention any important/useful commands, then let us know about them in the comments. 

And as per usual, don’t forget to keep backups just in case that something goes wrong. Subnautica doesn’t autosave, which means that we shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking our main playthrough. But, just to be safe. 

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