Stellaris Console Commands & Cheats

Stellaris console commands and cheats are an easy way to get extra cash, colonize planets, disable damage, and so much more. Frankly, there are way too many commands for us to mention in a single article. So, we’ll try to keep it as short as possible by mentioning some of the most useful commands. 

Before we start, it’s highly recommended that you keep backups or at least a separate save file – just to be safe. After all, commands are cheats are well known for being able to “break” games. 

And with that out of the way, let’s get right into it!

How to Enable Stellaris’ Console

The console on Stellaris is enabled by default. So, all you need to do is hop into the game and press the “~” button to bring up the console. 

If that doesn’t work, try using Shift + 2, Shift + 3, or ALT + 2 + 1. Still nothing? Then your only option is to head over to the game’s settings and check what button is required for this to work. There is a chance that you accidentally changed it at some point. 

After getting access to the game’s console, you’re free to start using commands. 

Stellaris Console Cheats

These are cheats that can be used to give yourself an unfair advantage. Since the list is quite long and tough to read, we tried splitting it into individual categories. 


Commands that have anything to do with AI can be found in this category. 

ai: Turns AI on and off

debug_nomen: AI refuses all of your proposals

debug_yesmen: AI accepts all of your proposals

instant_build: Enables or disables the ability to instantly finish constructions and upgrades (Applies to the AI as well)

observe: Switches to obvserver mode. If the game is unpaused, AI will take control of your empire


This is the place where you can find commands for adding resources, tech, traits, ships, and anything like that. 

add_anomaly [Anomaly Name]: Adds an anomaly to the selected planet

add_opinion [Source] [Target] [Count]: Increases the specified empire’s Opinion (Default is 40)

add_relic [Relic ID]: Adds the specified Relic (Using “All” instead of specified a number gives you all Relics

add_ship [Design Name]: Creates the specified ship (Pressing “Tab” displays the names)

add_trait_leader [Leader ID] [Trait ID]: Adds specified trait to the specified Leader

add_trait_species [Species ID] [Trait ID]: Adds specified trait to the specified species

alloys [Amount]: Adds specified amount of Alloys. If you don’t specify an amount, the default is 5000

build_pops [Amount]: Adds specified amount of robot pops to the selected plane. If you don’t specify an amount, the default is 1

cash [Amount]: Adds specified amount of Energy Credits. The default is 5000

effect add_building = [Building ID]: Adds building to the selected celestial body

effect add_deposit = [Deposit ID]: Adds deposit to the selected celestial body

engineering [Amount]: Adds specified amount of Engineering tech. Default is 5000

food [Amount]: Adds the specified amount of food. Default is 5000

grow_pops [Amount]: Adds specified amount of growing pops to selected planet. Default is 1

influence [Amount]: Adds specified amount of influence. Default is 5000

minerals [Amount]: Adds the specified amount of Minerals. Default is 5000

minor_artifacts [Amount]: Adds the specified amount of Minor Aritifacts. Default is 10000

physics [Amount]: Adds specified amount of Physics tech points. Default is 5000

planet_happiness [Amount]: Adds Happiness to the selected planet. The default amount is 100

research_all_technologies: Instantly researches all non-repeatable technologies. You can add “1” for creature and crisis techs and a second number for repeatable technologies

resource [Amount] [Resource]: Adds specified amount of the specified Resource. Default amount is 5000

skills [Amount]: Adds the specified amount of skill levels to your leaders. Default is 1

society [Amount]: Adds the specified amount of Society tech points. Default is 5000

unity [Amount]: Adds specified amount of Unity. Default is 500

max_resources: Gives you the maximum amount of resources

Miscellaneous Cheats

This category includes a number of different cheats from gaining ownership of planets to instantly completing terraforming. 

activate_all_traditions: Activates all traditions

activate_ascension_perk [Name]: Activates the specified ascension Perk (Names can be revealed by pressing “Tab”

activate_tradition [Tradition ID]: Activates the specified tradition

branchoffice: Take ownership of a planet branch office

colonize [ID]: Starts the colonization process of the selected planet

create_megastructure [Megastructure ID]: Creates a megastructure in the current system. You can see the IDs by pressing “Tab” 

create_navy [Amount]: Creates a fleet by using your most recent designs

effect shift_ethic = [Ethic ID]: Shifts your empire’s ethics to the specified ethics

finish_special_projects: Finishes all special projects

finish_terraform: Instantly finishes all terraforming processes

force_integrate [Country ID]: Integrates the specified empire into the player’s empire

free_government: Allows you to change governments with no time limit

free_policies: Allows you to change policies without restriction

intel: Displays information about the entire galaxy and disables first contact while alive

invincible: Disables damage for your ships

max_resources: Gives you the maximum amount of resources

own: Gives you ownership of the specified fleet, starbase, or planet

populate: Fills all Housing on the selected planet with pops (Frequently crashes the game on version 2.3.0 and 2.3.1)

planet_class [Planet Class Name]: Changes the selected planet’s name

planet_size [Size]: Changes the size of the selected planet. If you go above 78, then planet will move backwards

remove_trait_leader [Trait ID] [Leader ID]: Removes specified trait from the specified leader

remove_trail_species [Species ID] [Traid ID]: Removes specified trait from the specified species

research_technology [Technology ID]: Instantly research the specified Technology

survey: Surveys all planets (Requires at least one science ship)

play [Country ID]: Allows you to take control of the specified country

unlock_edicts: Unlocks all edicts

Testing Commands

Apart from cheat commands, there are also testing commands that were primarily created for testing game features. There’s nothing that prevents us from using them for a bit of fun as well. 

Here are some of the most interesting ones. 

3dstats: Enables FPS and render time statistics

advanced_galaxy: Simulates a game in the year 2400

berserk_ai: Sets AI aggression to 10

contact: Enables contact with all empires

crash: Crashes the game

event [Event ID] [Target ID]: Triggers the specified event

fast_forward [Days] [Observer]: Fast forwards a set amount of days

hdr: Toggles HDR

help [Command name]: Gives you information on the specified command

kill_country: Kills the current empire (You can also replace “Country” with “leader, pop, and ruler” to kill them instead

mature_galaxy: Simulates a 100 year old galaxy

memtest 1: Tests memory leakage (May end up taking a long time to complete

nogui: Turns off GUI (Execute again to enable it)

peace_on_player [Country ID]: Specified country offers a peace treaty

random_ruler: Replaces ruler with a new random one

reload [File Name]: Reloads the specified assets

resources: Displays resources stats

war [Attacker ID] [Defender ID] [War Goal]: The specified country declares war with the specified war goal

GUI Commands

These commands can be used to disable certain graphical elements. If you’re using a low-end PC, then some of these options may end up giving you better performance. But, no promises. 

Other than that, we’ve also thrown a few other useful commands in there. So, take a look. 

tweakergui draw.background: Toggles background space Toggles rendering of the galaxy center’s glow

draw.asteroids: Enables or disables rendering of asteroid belts

draw. clusters: Toggles rendering of clusters

draw.dust: Toggles rendering of galaxy dust

draw.stars: Toggles rending of stans and black holes on the galaxy map

instant_colony: Colony ships don’t need time to settle

instant_move: Ships teleport instantly

instant_survey: Planets are surveyed instantly

max_fps: Limits the FPS output (Good if you don’t need more than 60 for saving power and making the GPU run cooler)

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. If there’s anything important that we forgot to mention, let us know about it in the comments section. 

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