Skyrim Console Commands & Cheats

As far as modding and console commands go, Skyrim is by far one of the most feature-rich games out there. If you own it on PC, then playing around with mods and commands is a must. 

There are so many Skyrim console commands that we frankly can’t fit them all into a single article. So, instead, we’ll focus on mentioning some of the most useful/fun ones instead. 

That being said, let’s get right into it!

How to Enable the Console on Skyrim

The console should be automatically enabled on Skyrim. If not, chances are that you’ll find an option on the general settings menu. 

Once you’re in-game, all that you need to do is press the “~” key and that should bring the console up. If that doesn’t work, try out the @ or “ buttons. 

Before we start, it’s highly recommended to keep a separate save file and backups – just in case you end up breaking the game. It’s actually a fairly recurring theme. So, do keep that in mind. 

General Commands and Cheats

Just some general commands that are fun and/or useful to play with. 

tgm: God Mode. Disables damage, gives you unlimited health, unlimited Magicka, etc

tcl: Disables clipping which essentially allows you to freely walk through walls, mountains, and pretty much everything

unlock: Unlocks every targeted door regardless of the circumstances

psb: Gives you all the spells

player.adlevel: Gives you a level

caqs: Completes the current primary quest

showracemenu: Allows you to customize your character from the very beginning (We wouldn’t recommend doing that on your main playthrough)

player.modav skill [amount]: Increases the skill level of the specified skill (Just input the standard skill names except from Archery which translates to “Marksman” and Speech which translates to “Speechcraft”

player.additem [Item ID] [Amount]: Adds the specified item to your inventory. More on that later

addshout [Shout]: Gives you the specified shout. More on that alter

player.setcrimegold [Bounty]: Allows you set or remove a wanted level

movetoqt: Teleports you to the quest target

help: Lists all console commands

player.modav carryweight [Amount]: Increases your maximum weight carry limit

player.seav health [Amount]: Gives you more health

coc qasmoke: Teleports you into a room that has every single item in the game (You can leave the room by teleporting to another place by using coc [Desired Location])

sexchange: Changes your character’s gender

placeatme [Character/Creature ID]: Spawns creatures and characters on your location

moveto [Character ID]: Teleports you to the specified character location

setownership: Makes you the owner of the targeted item

setstage: Allows you go back and forth in quest stages

setscale: Sets your size from 0 to 10

setgs fjumpheightmin: Sets your jump height. Enable god mode to avoid getting killed from the drop

qqq: Immediately closes the game

AI and NPC console commands

These commands allow you to customize and mess with the AI and NPCs in a number of different ways. 

tai: Enables and disables AI – meaning that you won’t be able to interact with NPCs

tcai: Enables and disables combat AI – meaning that nobody is going to fight you (Including dragons)

tdetect: NPCs won’t be able to detect you (Unless you attempt to hit or pickpocket them)

kill: Kills the targeted NPC

moveto [Character ID]: Teleports you to the specified character location

setrelationshiprank: Sets the relationship level between two NPCs. 4 (Maximum) is for lovers and -4 (Lowest) is for sworn enemies

addtofaction: Adds an NPC to a faction. Apart from the Stormcloaks and the Imperials, you can also use “0005C84D” for turning a character into a potential follower and “00019809” for turning them into a potential spouse. Though, do keep in mind that this only seems to work with characters who shame the common voices – meaning that it won’t work on someone like Tullius

disable: Eradicates the NPC’s presence – even if they are still there. They are still there, but they can’t interact with the world – meaning that they’ll walk through walls, get ignored by other NPCs, etc

enable: Reverses the “disable” command. Do keep in mind that enabling and disabling a character resets them to your current level

setessential: Transforms any NPC into an essential character – meaning that they won’t be able to die

setscale [Size]: Can also be used on NPCs to make them smaller or bigger (Size is 0 to 10]

ressurect: Resurrects the targeted NPC – aka, bringing them back to life. I swear we didn’t mean to kill you Lydia

removeallitems: Removes everything that the targeted character has equipped; including clothes or armor, and gives them to you

Camera, UI, and Time Commands

These commands allow you to play with various different aspects of the game

tm: Disables every UI element, including the console. So, you’ll have to reverse the command blindly

tmm [0] or [1]: Turns all markers on or off

tfc: Free cam mode (Flycam)

set timescale to [Amount]: Sets the flow of time (20 is the default value)

fov: Sets your field of view (FOV)

tfow: Turns off the fog of war on the local map

Graphical Commands

These commands allow you to turn off specific elements of Skyrim’s world. That’s perfect for people who are playing on a low-end PC and want to get a bit of extra performance quickly and easily. 

tg: Disables or enables grass

tt: Disables or enables trees

tws: Water

twf: Framework border

ts: Skybox and fog effects

tll: Level of detail

teofis: Image settings/effects such as blur

tscr: Script processing

Weapon Commands

Skyrim offers a ton of different weapons. Some of them are much better than others, but they are also much harder to find. Thankfully, you can use console commands to add any weapon you want to your inventory.

player.additem 00079B1D: Blade of Sacrifice

player.additem 000240D2: Mehrune’s Razor

player.additem 0009CCDC: Blade of Woe

player.additem 000139AE: Ebony Dagger

player.additem 0003B0BD: Lunar Steel Sword

player.additem 000AB703: Red Eagle’s Bane

player.additem 000F5D2D: The Pale Blade

player.additem 0004E4EE: Dawnbreaker

player.additem 000F6527: Nightingale Blade

player.additem 0009FD50: Red Eagle’s Fury

player.additem 000139AF: Ebony Greatsword

player.additem 94A2B: Ghostblade

player.additem 8ADFC: Ceremonial Sword

If you need the full list, check out the Wiki page that contains all of the codes for every weapon in the game. 

Armor Commands

Defense is just as important as offense. And while we’ve got plenty of access to armor in the base game, some pieces are extremely hard to find. Here are some of them. 

player.additem 0001393E: Dragonscale Armor

player.additem 0001393D: Dragonscale Boots

player.additem 0001393F: Dragonscale Gauntlets

player.additem 00013940: Dragonscale Helmets

player.additem 00013941: Dragonscale Shield

player.additem 000FCC0F: Nightingale Armor

player.additem 000FCC0D: Nightingale Boots

player.additem 000FCC11: Nightingale Gloves

player.additem 000FCC12: Nightingale Hood

player.additem 000D3EA0: Penitus Oculatus Armor

player.additem 000D3EA7: Penitus Oculatus Boots

player.additem 000D3EAB: Penitus Oculatus Bracers

player.additem 000D3EAA: Penitus Oculatus Helmet

player.additem 00061CB9: Krosis Mask

player.additem 00061C8B: Morokei Mask

player.additem 00061CAB: Volsung Mask

player.additem 00061CCA: Wooden Mask

player.additem 00061CC1: Hevnoraak’s Mask

player.additem 00061CD6: Konahrik’s Mask

player.additem 00061CA5: Nahkriin’s Mask

player.additem 00061CC2: Otar’s Mask

player.additem 00061CC0: Rahgot’s Mask

player.additem 00061CC9: Vokun’s Mask

player.additem 00013961: Ebony Armor

player.additem 00013960: Ebony Boots

player.additem 00013962: Ebony Gauntlets

player.additem 00013963: Ebony Helmet

player.additem 00013964: Ebony Shield

player.additem 00013966: Dragonplate Armor

player.additem 00013965: Dragonplate Boots

player.additem 00013967: Dragonplate Gauntlets

player.additem 00013969: Dragonplate Helmet

player.additem 00013968: Dragonplate Shield

player.additem 0005CBFE: General Tullius’ Armor

If you want the full list, check out the Skyrim wiki page for all the armor codes. 

Wrapping Up

That’s about it for now. Again, if you want the full list of item IDs, it can easily be found on Fandom or by using Skyrim’s help command. 

If you think that we forgot to mention an important command, then you can let us know about it in the comments section. 

And seriously, do keep a separate backup of the game. There was a time when we completely broke it and lots of things wouldn’t work because of some sort of conflict between mods and certain commands. That eradicated 120 hours of progress, so, yeah – keep backups. 

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