Pillars of Eternity Console Commands & Cheats

Using the console in any game always gives us more options to play with and the same thing goes for Pillars of Eternity. We’re talking about controlling time, adding extra money, abilities, and more. 

All you need to know is the right keywords and that’s about it. But, before that, we’d highly recommend making a backup of your game. After all, console commands are known for breaking their games in a number of interesting ways. 

With that out of the way, let’s move on!

Pillars of Eternity: How to Enable the Console

Some games have the console disabled by default. After all, commands are usually made for developers so that they can test various functions and not for us players. 

Unfortunately, Pillars of Eternity falls into that category as well. Fortunately, there is also the option of enabling it and it’s rather easy. 

All you have to do is press the tilde “~” button to bring up the console and then type in iroll20s. That should allow you to use console commands. 

If that button doesn’t work out for you, try using “`” instead. The exact key may differ from keyboard to keyboard depending on the layout and language. But, it can generally be found under the ESC key and right next to 1. 

That being said, do keep in mind that enabling console commands/cheats is something that’s going to disable all Steam achievements. So, those of you who need to get the achievements should probably finish the game first.

Careful. It doesn’t just disable the achievements for that playthrough, but for the whole game.

Pillars of Eternity Console Commands

First things first, let’s start with some of the most popular and/or useful commands that we were able to find. 

SetTime [Time]: Allows you to set the time in a 24-hour format (Meaning that you must use 14:00 for 2 PM, 15:00 for 3 PM, etc)

God: Enables god mode (Makes your whole party invincible)

AddExperience [XP]: Gives you the specified amount of experience points

GivePlayerMoney: Gives you the specified amount of money

RemovePlayerMoney: Has the opposite effect of the above command

AddAbility [Character] [Ability]: Adds the specified ability to the targeted character

RemoveAbility [Character] [Ability]: Has the opposite effect of AddAbility

skill [Character] [Skill] [Value]: Adds the specified skill score to the specified character. For example, skill player athletics 6 gives your character a base score of 6 in athletics

AdvanceTimeByHour [Value]: Advances time by the specified amount of hours

AddtoParty [Character]: Adds the specified character to your party. For example, NPC_Medreth adds Medreth

AddPrestige [Value]: Increases Stronghold prestige by the specified value

AddSecurity [Value]: Increases Stronghold security 

Difficulty [Level]: Changes the difficulty level 

NoFog: Disables Fog of War

OpenCharacterCreation: Brings up the character creation screen (But makes you lose all items)

UnlockAllMaps: Unlocks all areas 

UnlockBestiary: Unlocks all Bestiary entries

Kill [NPC ID]: Kills the specified NPC

HealParty: Heals the entire party

AttributeScore [Character] [Attribute] [Amount]: Sets the base attribute score

How to Add Items

We’re allowed to add pretty much any item that exists in the game by using the console. All we need is the right commands along with the respective item IDs and that’s about it. 

AddItem [Item ID] [Quantity]: Adds the specified item to your inventory

GiveItem [Item ID] [Quantity]: Gives the specified item to your party 

Not specifying a quantity simply adds a single piece of the specified item. Now, there are a ton of item IDs to use. In fact, there are so many that mentioning all of them into a single article while keeping it readable is an impossible task. 

For that reason, we’re only going to mention some interesting options. And for those of you who want the full list, you can find everything on this page

That being said, as you’ll notice right below, most items just use their name as their ID as well. So, that makes things much easier. 


px2_dagger_the_unlabored_blade (White March part II expansion)
















NPC Commands

Anything that has to do with controlling NPCs in a variety of different ways. 

AIController.AggressionType [Type]: Sets AI aggression. The types that you can use are DefendMyself, Passive, Defensive, Aggressive – pretty much self-explanatory

ResetAICooldowns [Character ID]: Resets all cooldowns of the specified NPC

AddInjury [Character] [Affliction]: Applies the specified affliction to a character

Skill [Character] [Skill] [Score]: Gives a specific skill to a character

SetDeity [Character] [Deity]: Sets the god that the character follows

RemoveAllAbilities [Character]: Removes all abilities from the selected character

FullHeal [Character]: Fully heals the specified character

AIForceAttack [Attacker] [Defender]: Forces AI to attack

MISC Commands

Just a few commands of miscellaneous nature

slowtime or fasttime [Scale]: Sets the time for when the game speed is set to fast or slow. The scale starts at 0.01 and goes up to 200. Do keep in mind that setting it too high may end up crashing the game, though

ClearSkies: Makes the weather sunny

CycleWeather: Randomly switches between different weather patterns

DisableWeather or EnableWeather: Disables or enables current and future weather patterns

EndWeatherPattern: Ends the current weather pattern

SetWeatherPattern [Weather Pattern]: Pretty self-explanatory

Damage [Target ID] [Amount]: Damages the targeted object by the specified amount of health

GivePlayerShip [Ship]: Gives you the specified ship

RemoveAffliction [Character] [Affliction]: Removes the specified affliction from the selected character

Wrapping Up

That’s all we have for now. If you think that there’s a useful command which we failed to mention, let us know about it in the comments section. 

Once again, before starting to play around with commands, do keep a backup of the game – just in case you end up breaking it. And don’t forget that simply enabling the cheats will completely disable Steam achievements. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

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