Oblivion Console Commands & Cheats

TES Oblivion is a great game on its own. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t use a few console commands/cheats every now and then to make it even more interesting. 

Commands allow you to control NPCs, edit your character as many times as you want, add more money, turn you invincible, and so much more. 

That being said, do always remember to keep backups in case that something ends up going wrong. And with that out of the way, let’s check out some commands. 

How to Enable the Console on Oblivion

Some games require you to first activate their console before being able to use them. But, Oblivion comes with it enabled by default. 

So, all you need to do is basically just open the game, hit the “~” or “`” button, and you should be good to go. 

The symbol may differ from keyboard to keyboard, depending on the language and layout. But, generally, it should be below the “ESC” key below “1”. 

Oblivion Console Commands

This list includes pretty much anything that has to do with cheats and character modifications. 

tgm: Enables the classic god mode (Practically makes you invincible)

tcl: Disables collision which allows you to freely walk through walls

adlevel: Levels up your character

advskill [Skill] [Value]: Levels up your the specified skill by the specified amount of levels

player.setAV [Ability/Attribute] [Value]: Changes your current ability/attribute

player.setlevel [Level]: Sets your character’s level

setpcfame: Set your character’s fame

setpcinfamy: Set infamy

sexchange: Changes your character’s gender (Some people have mentioned that this ended up crashing their game)

showracemenu: Allows you to modify your character from the ground up (Character creation screen)

showbirthsignmenu: Gives you the ability to change your character’s birthsign

showclassmenu: Gives you the ability to change your character’s class

showenchantment: Shows the enchanting window

showspellmaking: Spell creation screen

swdp: Reveals the NPCs who are detecting you

modpca [Attribute] [Value]: Adds points to the specified attribute

modpcs [Skill] [Value]: Adds points to the specified skill

psb: Gives you all spells

player.additem F [Value]: Gives you the specified amount of gold

caqs: Completes the main quest line

setactorfullname “Name”: Changes your character’s name

player.kill: Kills your character

setbartergold [Amount]: Sets how much gold the targeted merchant has (Useful when you want to sell items but the merchant runs out of gold)

stopcombat: Immediately stops everyone from attacking you (Though chances are that they’ll pull out their weapons again if they have a reason to)

FOV [Value]: Changes our character’s FOV

player.payfine: Erases your bounty

player.completequest: Completes/removes your current quest

coc testinghall: Teleports you to an area that contains all objects, monsters, and NPCs

coc toddtest: Teleports you to the developer testing grounds

help: Lists all the available commands

Graphics Commands

Anything that has to do with enabling or disabling specific graphical elements such as grass, sky, water, etc. If you are GPU bound on a low-end system, then some of these commands may end up giving you better overall performance. 

tg: Enables or disables grass

tlv: Toggles leaves

ts: Disables sky

tt: Makes all trees invisible (But you can still bump into them unless you use tcl which also allows you to walk through anything else)

tws: Disables water rendering

twr: Toggles the water rendering radius

tlb: Toggles Lite Brite and may end up giving you quite the performance boost

tll: Change the level of detail

NPC Commands

These commands allow us to mess around with the NPCs in a variety of different ways from making them blind to your presence to simply killing everything that’s in your radius with a click and more. 

stopcombat: Temporarily stops the NPC from attacking

startcombat: Has the opposite effect of stopcombat

kill: Instantly kills the targeted NPC

killall: Kills every NPC who is on your vicinity

resurrect: Resurrects the targeted (Dead) NPC 

tdetect: Turns of AI detection (Basically makes them blind to your presence – but they’ll probably still notice you if you try to pickpocket or hit them)

player.placeatme [NPC ID]: Spawns the specified NPC in front of you

showsubtitle: Enables or disables NPC subtitles

disable: Disables the targeted object or NPC which practically banishes them from the game’s world

enable: Brings back the specified item or NPC back to the world

tai: Completely disables AI

tcai: Disables combat AI

secrimegold [Amount]: Sets the specified bounty on the targeted NPC

The full list of NPC IDs can be found over at the TES Fandom Wiki. The only reason that we are not including them here is that there are way too many IDs to list into a single compact article such as this one. 

Miscellaneous Commands

Just various commands of miscellaneous nature. 

tfc: Free view/flying camera

qqq: Directly exits the game

tmm 1: Makes all map markers visible

additem [Item ID] [Quantity]: Adds the specified item to your inventory

setownership [Base ID/Faction ID]: Changes ownership of the targeted item

startconversation [Reference ID] [Topic Parameter]: Starts NPC conversation (May end up crashing or glitching in a variety of different ways)

completequest [Quest ID]: Completes the specified quest

showquesttargets: Shows active quests ID

player.completequest [Quest Id]: Removes the specified quest from the active quests (Doesn’t complete it. Just removes it)

movetoqt: Teleports you to the active quest’s location

Armor Commands

Adding the armor of your choice is as easy as using the additem [Item ID] [Quantity], finding the armor’s ID, and that’s about it. 

There are frankly way too many IDs for us to mention into a single article. So, we’ll only be mentioning a few options to get you started. And if you want more, head over to Oblivion’s Wiki page. 

Leather Armor

Leather Boots: 0002319B

Leather Bracer: 000229A9

Leather Cuirass: 0002319A

Leather Gauntlets: 00023199

Leather Greaves: 00023198

Leather Helmet: 0002319C

Leather Shield: 00025058

Mithril Armor

Mithril Boots: 0002C0FC

Mithril Cuirass: 0002C0FE

Mithril Gauntlets: 0002C100

Mithril Greaves: 0002C102

Mithril Helmet: 0002C104

Mithril Helmet: 000733E4

Mithril Shield: 000352BF

Mithril Shield: 000977C0

Imperial Dragon Armor

Imperial Dragon Boots: 000ADDA3

Imperial Dragon Cuirass: 000ADD50

Imperial Dragon Gauntlets: 000ADE26

Imperial Dragon Greaves: 000ADE27

Imperial Dragon Helmet: 000ADE2A

Weapon Commands

Same concept with armor commands. Use additem [Item Id] [Quantity], use the ID of your preferred weapon, and that’s about it. 

Ebony Dagger: 00035E6A

Glass Dagger: 00035E5B

Daedric Dagger: 00035E72

Daedric Shortsword: 00035E73

Ebony Shortsword: 00035E6B

Glass Shortsword: 00035E5C

Akaviri Katana: 00024DCA

Sharpened Cutlass: 000055AB

Akaviri Dai-Katana: 0009DAC5

Daedric Claymore: 00035E78

Elven Claymore 00035E68

Blade of Fiery Light: 0003BF60

Heat of Sinfulness: 00014960

Essence of Regret: 00014963

Oblivion’s  Caress: 00014962

Penance of Deception: 0001496A

Penance of Hatred: 00014967

Sword of Submission: 0003BF63

Purging Flame: 00014961

Boreal: 0003CD05

Immolator: 0003CD01

Retaliation of Blood: 000149ED

If you want more, the full list of weapon IDs can be found over at Oblivion’s Wiki page

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. Again, don’t forget to keep backups in case that a combination of commands ends up breaking your game. It’d be a shame to lose a save file with hundreds of hours of progress just for a tiny mistake. 

If we forgot to mention an important command, then let us know about it in the comments section. 

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