Morrowind Console Commands & Cheats

There are a ton of Morrowind console commands to use. From player options that give you money and god-like players all the way to controlling the entire world of the game. 

All you need to know is the right keywords and that’s about it. But, before that, we’d highly recommend keeping a backup of the game or at the very least to avoid using commands on the main save file. After all, using commands and cheats is an easy way to break a game. 

And with that out of the way, let’s check out some commands. 

How to Enable and Use the Console

The console in TES Morrowind is pre-enabled. All you need to do is activate it by using the “~” key. 

Some other keyboards, depending on language and layout, will require you to use “`” instead. But, in any case, the appropriate button should be placed next to 1 and below ESC. 

Do keep in mind that unlike other TES games, Morrowind doesn’t use dots in the commands – but arrows. For example, instead of player.additem [Item ID] you need to use player->additem [Item ID]. 

It’s definitely more troublesome – but you get used to it. 

Morrowind Console Commands

Let’s start with some general cheats and commands that you can use for producing a variety of different effects – such as enabling god mode, adjusting Magicka and/or health, and more. 

tcl: Disables collision for you and NPCs in range (Allows you to walk through everything)

tgm: Enables god mode. (Basically makes you invincible, but there are still a few ways to die)

player->additem gold_001 [Value]: Gives you the specified amount of gold

enablestatreviewmenu: Brings up the character modification menu (You may end up losing spells, immunity to diseases, and other stats)

player->setfatigue [Value]: Sets your character’s max fatigue

player->flying [1/0]: Enables or disables flying mode. After enabling it, you need to cast a Levitate spell and the effect should last until you disable it with player->flying 0

player->setlevel [Value]: Sets your character’s level (You may have to save and restart the game or gain a “normal” level in order for this to work)

fixme: Teleports you 128 units

player-> sethealth [Value]: Sets your character’s maximum health

player->setcurrenthealth [Value]: Changes your current health level

player->setcurrentmagicka [Value]: Changes your current Magicka level

player->setcurrentfatigue [Value]: Changs your current fatigue

player->setmagicka [Value]: Sets your character’s magicka

setpcccrimelevel [Value]: Sets your character’s bounty 

player->setreputation [Value]: Sets reputation

player->setsuperjump [1/0]: Enables or disables super jump

player->setwaterbreathing [1/0]: Enables or disables breathing underwater

player->setwaterwalking [1/0]: Enables or disables water walking

player->[Ability] [Value]: Sets the specified ability (Strenth, acrobatics, etc) to the specified value

Time and Weather Commands

As the title suggests, you can use these commands to control the time and weather of TES Morrowind. 

changeweather [Region] [Weather]: Changes the weather in the specified region. The weather IDs that you can use are: 

  • 0 = Clear
  • 1 = Cloudy
  • 2 = Foggy
  • 3 = Overcast
  • 4 = Rain
  • 5 = Thunder
  • 6 = Ash
  • 7 = Blight
  • 8 = Snow (Bloodmoon required)
  • 9 = Blizzard (Bloodmoon required)

set gamehour to [Value]: Sets the time of the game in a 24-hour format. For example, 3 stands 03:00, 15 stands for 15:00, etc

set timescale to [Value]: Sets the overall time flow. 30 is the default value while 1 is the real speed – meaning that the game will need 24 hours to go through a full day/night cycle

NPC Commands

These commands allow you to do numerous things with NPCs – from instantly killing them to making them friendly, hostile, resurrecting them, and more. 

setcurrenthealth 0: Kills the targeted NPC

resurrect: Resurrects the targeted corpse (Can also be used on creatures. Do keep in mind that if you break a quest by killing a character, you won’t be able to resume it by resurrecting him)

setscale [Value]: Sets the height of the targeted NPC

setlevel [Value]: Sets a specific level for the targeted NPC

resetactors: Resets every NPCs location to the default

tai: Enables or disables AI

addsoulgem [CreatureID] [SoulgemID] 1: Adds a gem with the soul of the specified creature. Do keep in mind that this will fill all of your empty soul gems

setdisposition 0: Makes it so that the targeted NPC will hate you

setdisposition 100: Targeted NPC will love you

Miscellaneous Commands

Various commands that we had a rough time categorizing. 

tb: Toggles the display of exterior cell borders

tcs: Enables or disables combat stats

tdt: Enables the debug text which displays debug information on screen such as FPS, coordinates, etc

tfow: Toggles fog of war

tw: Completely disables the world

unlock: Unlocks the targeted door

filljournal: Adds all journal entries

centeroncell: Moves you to the specified cell

fillmap: Shows all the marked locations on the world map

getfactionreaction [Faction ID] [Faction ID]: Displays the reaction values between the two specified factions

placeatpc [Object ID] [Quantity] [Distance] [1]: Places the specified item in front of you

modfactionreaction [Faction ID] [Faction ID] [Value]: Changes the Reaction values of the first faction to those of the second one

player->additem [Item ID] [Quantity]: Adds the specified item to your inventory

tvm: Puts the camera into 3rd person view while it rotates around you (Can’t be turned off just by moving)

Armor Commands

You should technically be able to add any armor of your choice by using the player->additem [Item ID] [Quantity] command. All you need is to find the ID for the armor of your choice and that’s about it. 

For example, to add the Dark Brotherhood armor in your inventory, you’ll have to use player->additem darkbrotherhood cuirass 1

There is a big list that contains pretty much every armor in the game over here. But, if you don’t feel like scrolling through a big list, here are a few things to get you started. 

Dark Brotherhood Armor

DarkBrotherhood Boots

DarkBrotherhood Cuirass

DarkBrotherhood greaves

DarkBrotherhood Helm

DarkBrotherhood gauntlet_L

DarkBrotherhood pauldron_L

DarkBrotherhood gauntlet_R

DarkBrotherhood pauldron_R

Gold Armor





Her Hand’s Armor










Weapon Commands

Adding weapons to your inventory is the exact same process with the armor. Just use the player->additem [Item ID] [Quantity] command while inserting the weapon ID of your choice. 

This is a list that contains all weapon IDs. But, if you want some quick recommendations, check them out below. 

The weapon IDs explain what weapon you’re looking at as they are. So, there’s really no need for further explanations. 

chitin shortsword

chitin war axe

daedric claymore

daedric katana

daedric longsword

daedric staff

ebony longsword

ebony arrow

silver staff

silver flameaxe

iron claymore

And yeah. In most cases, all you have to is insert the name of the weapon and that’s about it. There are a few exceptions, such as the Silver Claymore that’s named iron claymore in the command list. But, that’s about it. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. If you feel like we forgot to mention an important command, then feel free to let us know about it in the comments. 

Again, don’t forget to backup your game or at the very least play around with the commands in a separate save slot.

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