House Party Console Commands & Cheats

House Party is a game that’s fun in a number of different ways. But, did you know that it gets even better with commands? 

House Party Console Commands unlock quite a few possibilities that are otherwise impossible. Things like immediately controlling the clothing of individual characters, their location, unlocking doors, making characters fight each other, and more. 

All you need is the right keywords and that’s about it. With that being said, let’s take a look at them!

How to Enable the Console

First things first, you’ll have to learn how to get access to the console of the game. Some games come with it disabled. But, thankfully, this one has it enabled by default. 

So, all you need to do is bring it up and use it by pressing the tilde “~” button. If that doesn’t work, try something like “`” instead. 

Depending on the language and layout of the keyboard, the exact button may end up being different. But, you should generally be able to find it below the ESC key and right next to 1. 

With that out of the way, we highly recommend making a backup of the game – just in case you end up breaking it with commands. 

Sure, it’s not exactly a huge RPG where there’s the risk of losing hundreds of hours of progress. But, still. 

General House Party Console Commands and Cheats

Let us kick things off with some of the most popular commands and cheats that people enjoy. 

The characters that you can use in the [Character] section are: Amy, Ashley, Brittney, Derek, Frank, Katherine, Madison, Patrick, Rachael, Stephanie, and Vickie. Do keep in mind that some characters are restricted by default.

This applies to all of the commands that require the [Character] input. So, if you ever need the names, just head back here. 

unlock door [Door]: Unlocks the specified door (For example: unlock door masterbedroom)

lock door [Door]: Locks the specified door

[character] roaming [False or True] allow: Prevents or allows the specified character to freely walk around. 

[Character] walkto [Location]: Makes any character walk to the specified location

[Character] warpto player: Teleports the specified character to your location

Character Appearance Mods

Obviously, under normal circumstances, the characters wear specific pieces of clothing depending on the situation and the same thing goes for poses or anything like that.

But, the commands that we are about to mention allow you to adjust such things as you see fit. Let’s start with clothing. 

The clothing command allows us to take off specific pieces of clothing as we see fit. 

clothing [Character] [Value] [off or on]

We’ve mentioned the [Character] parameters above. So, all that you need is the different values that can be used in the [Value] section

  1. Top
  2. Pants or skirt or underwear (Depending on the character)
  3. Bra or bikini top
  4. Shoes

It doesn’t matter if it’s the number or name that is being used. The end result is the same.

One more thing that we can adjust in terms of appearance is the pose of the specified character. 

pose [Character] [Value] [true or false]

There are a total of 25 poses that you can insert in the [Value] section. So, simply insert the number of your choice and enjoy the effects. Some sources say that we can go up to 32, but, give it a try for yourself and let us know how it went and for which character.

Last, but not least, you can also adjust the size of body parts – for science, of course. 

bodypart [Body part] [Character] [Value]

The Body part commands that you can use are: tits, head, penis, hands, butt, feetAs for Value, this is the size of the said body part and you can set it anywhere from 0.1 to 10. 

To give you a solid example: bodypart head Amy 1.5 should make Amy’s head 50% larger. 

There’s also the option of adding glasses to anyone – which is pretty easy to use as well. 

[Character] mount item glasses head true: Pretty much self-explanatory

Love and Hate

As the title suggests, these commands allow us to adjust the relationship levels between the characters in a variety of different ways. That includes romance, friendship, or even hate. 

Do keep in mind that when it comes to sexual acts between characters, you’ll have to remove their clothes first or you may end up glitching the game. We’ve already mentioned the necessary command to do that above in case you need it.

social [Character] [Character or player] [Value] friendship add: Adds the specified amount of friendship between you and another character. For example, social Brittney player 10 friendship add increases your friendship level with Brittney by 10 points (Value starts from -30 and goes up to 30

combat [Character] [Character] [action]: Makes the specified characters fight each other. The available actions are fight, wakeup, and passout

sexualact intimacy player [Character] [Position]: Makes the specified character have sex with your character on the position of your choice. The available positions are: 


  • 9000 = Make out
  • 10000 = Blowjob
  • 10011 = Handjob
  • 10030 = Missionary
  • 10050 = Doggy
  • 10052 = Cowgirl
  • 10053 = Licking
  • 10054 = 69,10055/56/57 = Wall sex


0 intimacy [Character] 10051: Makes the specified character perform a “Solo” act

[Character] 0 [Character] [Position] intimacy: Makes the specified characters have sex with each other (Works with characters that share the same gender as well)

[Character] personality exhibitionism equals 100: Increases the exhibitionism of the specified character. So far, the only effect seems to be that characters won’t cover themselves while standing naked 

Miscellaneous Commands

Various commands of miscellaneous nature. 

social player drunk add [Value]: Makes your character drunk

clear: Empties your command history

player inventory add [Item]: Allows you to add virtually any item in the game to your inventory

quest [start or complete] [Quest]: Gives you the option of starting or completing a quest (You can use quest list [Character] to find available quests)

changesize: Changes the size of the targeted characters or objects

Dance: Toggles dancing on and off

Emote: Changes the mimics of characters

Events: Can be used to trigger certain events

Wrapping Up

That’s all we have for now. Do keep in mind that the game is still in early access. So, there’s a good chance that more stuff will be added in the near future. 

That being said, if you know any good commands that we failed to mention due to that reason, let us know about them in the comments section. 

Once more, don’t forget to keep a backup of your game in case that something ends up going wrong. It happens more often than we’d like to admit. 

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