HOI4 Console Commands & Cheats

HOI4 console commands can unlock a whole new world of possibilities. You can control the AI, add XP to generals, add equipment, and much more. 

All you need to know is the right keywords and how to use them. That’s why we created a list with some of the most useful HOI4 cheats and commands that one can use. 

Without any further ado, let’s get right to it. 

How to Enable Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands

First things first, you need to know how to get access to the console. That’s the only way to use console commands. 

That can be done in various ways, but the easiest one is using the “~” key which can be found at the upper left part of a keyboard. 

If that doesn’t work, you can alternatively try using “Shift + 2, Shift + 3, or ALT + 2 + 1”, and that should do it. 

In the rare scenario that the console still doesn’t come up, then the only alternative is going to the options menu and checking out the controls. The console hotkey should be on display there. 

AI Control/Cheats

There aren’t a lot of AI commands to play with. But, the few options that we found can make a huge difference in certain scenarios. 

yesman: AI will accept any diplomatic offer regardless of the circumstances

ai: Toggles AI on and off

ai_invasion: Toggles AI naval invasions

debug_ai_budget [CountryTag]: Display AI budget data

human_ai: Toggles AI for human countries

And that’s about it for the useful commands. Some others that aren’t all that useful (For most people)  include: 

aiview: Enables debug info

airealism: Enables smacktalk in chats (Can’t be activated during multiplayer while there is no chat for single player)

observe(spectator): As the name suggests, it turns you into an observer. All you can do is sit and watch what the AI does

aidump: Dumps AI front data to log file (Requires you to select a unit)

Power Commands

These commands allow you to instantly add experience, equipment, manpower, war support, stability, and other things like that. 

This is quite possibly the largest list in this article (Excluding MISC commands for obvious reasons), so, prepare yourself. 

gain_xp [amount]: Adds experience to a selected Leader, General, or Admiral (Example: gain_xp 100000)

cp [amount]: Adds Command Power

st [amount]: Adds Stability

ws [amount]: Adds War Support

add_equipment ae [equipment amount] [equipment amount]: Just like the name suggests, it adds equipment. Example: add_equipment_ ae 1000 Infantry_Equipment_1

add_latest_equipment(ale) [equipment amount]: Gives you the latest equipment variants

manpower [amount]: Gives you more manpower (If you don’t specify a specific number you’ll get 10 million men)

add_opinion [Country tag]: Adds opinion 

xp [XP amount]: Gives army, navy, and air experience (Can only be used once per day)

pp(fuhrer_mana,political_power) [PP amount]: Gives you political power

fuel [amount]: Adds fuel

add_pary_popularity [ideology group] [value]: Adds party popularity

set_ruling_party [ideology group]: Sets ruling party

nu [number]: Adds a specific amount of National Unity (Can only be used for 1.5 and older)

nuke [number]: Adds nukes

Control Commands

As the above heading suggests, these commands deliver a lot of control over the game that is otherwise not attainable. 

They can also be classified as cheats. But, hey, this is for single-player. So, what’s the harm in it? 

Some of the commands require you to insert specific values, depending on what you need. And in that case, Google is your best friend. There’s also the “tdebug” command which displays all nation tags and IDs. 

whitepeace(wp) [country tags]: White peace with the selected/specified countries

teleport(tp): Activates the teleportation tool

allowdiplo(adiplo,nocb): Allows to use all diplomatic actions no matter the rules (Basically a way to immediately start a war without justification)

debug_nuking: Allows you to nuke every province without checking any conditions

instantconstruction(ic): Toggles instant construction cheat (Also affects AI)

event [event id] [Target Country Tag]: Executes an event

effect [scripted_effect_name]: Executes a scripted event

research [Slot id]: Researches a technology from a research slot. You can also usee “all” instead of “Slot id” to research everything

spawn [SubUnit Type] [Province ID] [Amount]: Spawns a unit in a province. This can only be used by going to Steam -> Library -> HOI4 properties -> Launch options -> and adding the “–debug” line

occupationpaint(op): Toggles occupation painting

setowner [country tag] [state id]: Sets state power

setcontroller [country tag] [province id]: Sets province controller

civilwar [ideology] [target country tag]: Spawns a civil war

set_ruling_party [ideology group]: Sets ruling party

Focus.AutoComplete: Allows national focuses to be instantly finished

Focus.NoChecks: Ignores focus requirements

Focus.IgnorePrerequisites: Ignores focus prerequisates

Decision.NoChecks: Ignores decision requirements

instant_prepare: Instantly prepares naval invasions

it: Instantly trains divisions

Miscellaneous Commands

Those were all the commands that we could categorize and that most players will find useful. From here on out, it’s mostly a grey area. 

Here are some commands that you may or may not find to be useful: 

rendertype: Reports what render backend is used

tweakergui: Spawns a GUI tweaker

reload [file name]: Reloads assets. Example: reload focus

time: Displays time

reloadfx: Reloads shaders

deleteallunits(delall): Delete all armies and fleets

fronts: Toggle visibility of the foreign fronts

reloadsupply(relsup): Reinitializes the supply systems

nopausetext: Enables or disables the pausebanner

nextsong: Changes the song

reloadinterface: Reloads the interface

reloadtechnologies: Reloads the technology database

updateequipments: Updates the equipment database

updatesubunits: Updates the subunit database

reloadoob [Target Country Tag]: Relads OOBs

poll: Polls valid Events

pause_in_hours: Automatically pauses the game after the specified amount of hours have passed

add_autonomy [Target Country Tag]: Changes a country’s autonomy level

annex [Target Country Tag]: Beggin annex/annexes on the specified tag

winwars: Gives max score in all wars

resign: Resign from the game

PrintSynchStuff: Prints random count and seed

collision(debug_collision): Toggles debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision

savegame: Creates a save file

savecheck: Makes and loads two identical save files

IP: Shows your IP

fullscreen: Toggle fullscreen

debug_zoom: Zooms in the game

debug_water: Enables or disables water

debug_postfx: Enables or disables post effects

debug_bloom: Toggles bloom

city_reload: Reloads the cities

version: Displays the game version that you have installed

weather: Toggle weather simulation

hdr: Toggles HDR

night: Toggles night

Wrapping Up

And that’s about it for now. We’re not writing down every single command that exists for the game as that would end up being a rather long list. 

But, if you’re up for it, you can see all available commands by typing: help. 


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