Fallout New Vegas Console Commands & Cheats

Fallout New Vegas is a great game as is. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t use a few commands, cheats, and mods to make things a bit more interesting, fun, and in some cases, easier as well. 

All you need to know is the best Fallout New Vegas console commands and that’s about it. But, before we show you what we’ve got, do keep in mind that keeping backups is highly recommended. 

After all, it’s widely known that cheats, commands, and mods can easily break a game. Without any further ado, let’s get on with the article!

How to Enable Fallout New Vegas’ Console

Some games require you to enable the console before being able to use it. But, Fallout New Vegas has it enabled by default. 

So, all you need to do is press the “~” button, enter the command of your choice, and that’s about it. 

That button can be found on the upper left part of the keyboard – usually right next to “1”. Some other keyboards, depending on their layout and language, may require you to use the “`” button instead. 

In any case, the key which is responsible for opening the console is almost always on that upper left spot.

Fallout New Vegas Commands: Player Related

These are some of the most useful commands to give your player extra power, reputation, money, and anything like that. 

tgm: Classic god mode. Gives you unlimited ammo, health, etc

tdm: God mode but without unlimited ammo

tcl: No clipping. Allows you to freely walk through walls

addreputation [Base ID] [Variable] [Amount]: Adds reputation with the specified faction. Value maxes out at 100 and the variable determines if the reputation gets added as fame (1) or infamy (0) (Example: addreputation 0011e662 1 10 “Adds 10 reputation to the Brotherhood of Steel faction”). 


  • Boomers: 000ffae8
  • Brotherhood of Steel: 0011e662
  • Caesar’s Legion: 000f43dd
  • Followers of the Apocalypse: 00124ad1
  • Great Khans: 0011989b
  • Powder Gangers: 001558e6
  • NCR: 000f43de
  • White Glove Society: 00116f16 

removereputation[Base ID] [Variable] [Amount]: Removes player reputation from the specified faction 

player.setscale [Scale]: Makes you larger or smaller. 1 is normal

player.setlevel [Level]: Sets your character level

sexchange: Changes your character’s gender

showracemenu: Displays the character creation menu that you get at the start of the game (May end up resetting your stats. So, careful with that)

showbarbermenu: Displays the hair editor

shownamemenu: Allows you to change your character’s name

player.setav speedmult [Speed]: Sets how fast your character can move. 100 is the default value

player.addperk [Perk ID]: Gives you the specified perk (You can find plenty of perks on this page)

player.removeperk [Perk ID]: Removes the specified perk

player.rewardxp 15000: Adds 15,000 XP and advances levels immediately one after the other

showtraitmenu: Allows you to choose your traits again

player.forceav medicine: Sets medicine level on 5

player.modav [Actor Value] [Value]: Adds or removes value from Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L amount. 

player.resurrect: Resurrects your character (This will sometimes end up crashing the game)

NPC Commands

Pretty much anything that has to do with controlling NPCs, including killing them, making allies, enemies, etc. 

Killall: Kills everything in your local area – including animals

kill: Kills selected NPC (Killing NPCs that)

resurrect: Resurrects the targeted NPS and renews their inventory (Doesn’t undo failed quests)

addperk [Perk ID]: Adds specified perk to the selected NPC

tdetect: Enables or disables AI detection (Practically makes you invisible at all times)

rdf: Resets all dialog options (Can be helpful if a character’s dialogue is bugged out)

addtofaction [Faction ID] [Variable]: Adds the targeted NPC to the specified faction (Look above for the faction IDs)

removefromfaction [Faction ID]: Removes the targeted NPC from the specified faction

tai: Turns AI on or off (For the targeted NPCs)

tcai: Disables AI combat

player.placeatme [ID]: Spawns the specified NPC on your location (It’s for the best if you can do it on an open area)

setrestrained 1: Disables the selected NPC – meaning that it won’t move, fight, or anything

pushactoraway [ID] [Y]: Puts the specified NPC into a ragdoll state and throws him away (ID is for the NPC and Y is for the amount of force)

Graphics Commands

These commands allow you to control specific graphic elements that are normally not controllable through the settings menu (At least most of them aren’t)

tlv: Enables or disables leaves

tg: Enables or disables grass

tfow: Toggles for of war

UI, Time, and Camera Commands

Pretty much anything that has to do with the GUI and time/weather control.

sgtm [Value]: Sets how fast time passes in the game (1 is the normal value)

tfc: Enables or disables free viewing camera

tmm [1 or 0]: Displays or hides map markers

tm: Toggles HUD

tvl: Toggles VATS lights

set timescale to [Value]: Speeds up or slows down time (Default is 30)

set gamehour to [Value]: Sets the time of day

Item Commands

By using item commands, you can add pretty much any item that exists in the game to your inventory.

All you need is the ID of the item that you’re looking for and the appropriate command. Speaking of which, almost all item IDs can be found over at the Fallout NV Wiki

player.additem [Item ID] [Amount]: Adds the specified item. You can adjust the amount to add as many as you want on your inventory

player.removeitem [Item ID] [Amount]: Removes the selected items

player.showinventory: Displays the IDs of the items that currently reside on your inventory

To show you a few examples of how that works: 

player.additem 0003307a 1: Adds 1 radiation suit to your inventory

player.additem 0013bf53 1: Adds 1 Ceasar’s armor to your inventory

player.additem 00157cd2 1: Adds 1 Gladiator armor to your inventory

player.additem 0006b53d 30: Adds 30 standard 5mm ammo

player.additem 00004240 50: Adds 50 standard 5.56mm ammo

And the same thing goes for every other item or weapon in the game. 

Armor and Clothing Commands

There are so many available clothing and armor commands in this game that we can’t possibly hope to list everything. So, instead, here a few options to kick you off and if you want more, head over to the Fallout NV Wiki.

player.additem 000acd5a 1: Brotherhood elder’s robe

player.additem 0015e35d 1: General Oliver’s uniform

player.additem 000c8e07 1: Nighty nightwear (Yes, this is actually marked as a unique piece of clothing and it adds 10 additional points to speech)

player.additem 0001cbdc 1: Vault lab uniform 

player.additem 001046f8 1: Armored vault 21 jumpsuit

player.additem 0013bf53 1: Ceasar’s armor

player.additem 0015fd5c 1: Chinese stealth armor

player.additem 000cb549 1: Explorer’s gear

player.additem 000ce552 1: Space suit

player.additem 00133168 1: Gannon family Tesla armor

player.additem 001258c3 1: Tuxedo hat

player.additem 000e32f1 1: Vikki’s bonnet

player.additem 00133169 1: Gannon family Tesla helmet

The same command can be used to add ammunition, weapons, crafting items, and most stuff in the game really. 

Weapon Commands

Just like with items, all you need to add weapons on your inventory is the appropriate command and the ID of the weapon. This is the list that contains all weapon IDs. But, if you want some options to get started right of the bat, check out our list below. 

player.additem 000e2c86 1: Lucky revolver

player.additem 00127c6c 1: Mysterious Magnum

player.additem 00133058 1: Thag Gun (That’s just how it’s called)

player.additem 000e7655 1: Maria

player.additem 000f062b 1: This Machine

player.additem 000f56f5 1: La Longue Carabine

player.additem 00106feb 1: All-American

player.additem 001429e1 1: Gobi Campain scout rifle

player.additem 000e5b17 1: Ratslayer

player.additem 000e32f4 1: vance’s 9mm SMG

player.additem 001735e3 1: Sturdy caravan shotgun

player.additem 000f0b12 1: Dinner Bell

player.additem 001673cd 1: Big Boomer

player.additem 001629b6 1: CZ57 Avenger

player.additem 00090a6b 1: Pulse gun

player.additem 0015b38d 1: Holorifle

player.additem 0015a47f 1: Tesla-Beaton prototype

player.additem 0015fff4 1: Mercy

player.additem 00162019 1: Anabelle

player.additem 00143fba 1: Blade of the East

player.additem 00162c92 1: Chance’s knife

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. If you’re not satisfied with this list, Fallout New Vegas’ Wiki contains the full list of IDs for weapons, clothing, armor, consumables, weapon mods, and more. We only mentioned what we considered to be somewhat rare or interesting because placing everything into a single article while still keeping it relatively short is impossible. 

If you think that we forgot to mention something important/useful, then let us know about it in the comments. 

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