Fallout 4 Console Commands & Cheats

Fallout 4 is one of the few games that offer so many tools to play with by using console commands and cheats. We’re talking about gaining god-mode status, spawning items, weapons, monsters, completing quests, and much, much more. 

Before you start using the console commands, we’d highly recommend making a backup. It’s not uncommon for cheats and/or commands to completely break a game. So, do keep that in mind. 

With that out of the way, let’s check out some of the most useful commands. 

How to Enable the Console

Most games require you to enable the developer console through the settings or by modifying some sort of file. But, Fallout 4 has it enabled by default, so all you need to do is learn how to open the console and find some good commands. 

Opening the console can be done by pressing the ~ button. But, in some cases, you have to use either “ or @. 

Fallout 4 Console Commands and Cheats

In order to make things easier for you, we’re going to split the various commands into different categories. Because if we don’t, you’ll end up having to read a long list of commands even if you only need just one thing. 

Player Commands

The below commands allow you to customize your character in a number of different ways including, but not limited to appearance and leveling. 

tgm: God mode

tdm: Invincibility to damage

tcl: No clipping. Basically allows you to walk through everything

player.advlevel: Gain a level

player.setlevel [level]: Set a level for your character

player.resethealth: Gives you full health (Doesn’t affect radiation, though)

player.modav carryweight [number]: Sets maximum carry weight

tim: Budha mode

caqs: Complete every part of the main storyline (Some people have mentioned that this command ended up breaking their game)

coc wasmoke: Teleport to a room that contains boxes with every item in the game

coc [cell name]: Teleport to the specified room/cell

sexchange: Changes your character’s gender

setgs fJumpHeightMin [number]: Set a minimum jump height (God mode is required for very high jumps. Otherwise, the drop will kill you)

player.setav speedmult [number]: Sets running speed (Multiplier)

advancepcskill [advskill]: Advance a point on the specified skill branch

setownership: Allows you to claim ownership of a targeted item

Time Commands

These commands are all related to time info and control. 

set timescale to [scale]: Sets how fast time passes

set gamehour to [time]: Sets game hour to the specified value

getcurrenttime: Displays the current game time

UI and Camera Commands

Commands that allow you to modify the camera and UI. 

tfc: Free-roam camera mode

fov [number]: Sets field of view (FOV). The default is 70

tmm 1: Shows all places on map

tm: Enables or disables visible menus and UI

AI Commands

Anything that’s related to AI. 

kill: Kills targeted NPC

kill [ID]: Kills the specified creature (A list of creature and companion IDs can be found over here)

killall: Kills all NPCs and creatures in the area

tai: Toggles AI

tdetect: NPCs/AI ignore you

tcai: Toggles NPC attacks

resurrect: Resurrects targeted NPC

resurrect [ID]: Resurrects any creature from everywhere (A list of creature and companion IDs can be found over here)

getav CA-affinity: Displays companion’s affinity to you (Anything more than 1,000 is past the maximum

modav CA_affinity (number): Sets companion affinity. Doesn’t take effect until the next in-game affinity change

player.modav [variable] [amount]: Modify an actor value

Quest Commands

As the heading suggests, these commands allow you to control quests. 

completeallobjectives [Quest ID]: Complete all current objectives in a quest

resetquest [Quest ID]: Resets a quest

completequest [Quest ID]: Immediately completes a quest

caqs: Completes the main quest-line, which effectively finishes the game

Useful Items

That’s about it for all the general commands in the game. The only useful command that we’ve yet to show you is player.additem [item ID] [number] which adds any item in the game to your inventory. 

All you need to know is the item ID and you find that by using the help items [0-4] command to find pretty much everything you need. These are some of the most useful stuff that you can find. 

General Items

player.additem 0000000F: Bottlecaps

player.additem 00023736: Stimpak

player.additem 00023742: Rad Away

player.additem 00075FE4: Fusion Core

player.additem 0004835F: Nuke-Cola Quantum


player.additem 001bf72d: Acid

player.additem 001bf72f: Antiseptic

player.additem 000aec5c: Asbestos

player.additem 000aec5e: Ceramic

player.additem 00106d99: Concrete

player.additem 000aec5f: Cloth

player.additem 001bf72e: Adhesive

player.additem 0006907a: Aluminium

player.additem 0006907b: Circuitry

player.additem 0006907c: Copper

player.additem 000aec60: Cork

player.additem 0006907d: Crystal

player.additem 00069087: Fiber Optics

player.additem 000aec61: Fiber Glass

player.additem 0006907e: Gear

player.additem 00069085: Glass

player.additem 000aec62: Gold

player.additem 00069086: Nuclear Material

player.additem 001bf732: Oil

player.additem 0006907f: Plastic

player.additem 00106d98: Rubber

player.additem 00069081: Screw

player.additem 000aec66: Silver

player.additem 00069082: Spring

player.additem 000aec64: Leather

player.additem 000aec63: Lead

player.additem 000731a3: Wood

player.additem 000731a4: Steel

Special Armor

player.additem 0013AEF5: Airship Captain’s Hat

player.additem 00134294: BOS Officer Uniform

player.additem 001921D6: Corset

player.additem 001B5F1B: Feathered Dress

player.additem 000D415A: MacCready’s Duster

player.additem 001C2216: Minutemen General’s Hat

player.additem 001C2214: Minutemen General’s Uniform

player.additem 000F6D83: Ushanka Hat

player.additem 0014FBD0: Father’s Lab Coat

Special Weapons

player.additem D8576: DeadhClaw Gauntlets

player.additem E9A43: 2076 World Series Baseball Bat

player.additem 183FCD: Grognak’s Axe

player.additem FA2FB: Shishkebab

player.additem DC8E7: Deliverer

player.additem E942B: Junk Jet

player.additem 198A16: Cryolator

player.additem 22576D: Kremvh’s Tooth

player.additem 238734: Shem Drowne’s Sword

player.additem FA2F6: Ripper


player.additem 0001F669: Minigun

player.additem 000BD56F: Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher

player.additem 000E5881: Flamer

player.additem 000E27BC: Gatling Laser

player.additem 0003F6F8: Missile Launcher

player.additem 0011B336: Poewr First

player.additem 00143AB5: Revoluionary Sword

player.additem 000FE268: Railway Rifle

player.additem 0015B043: Submachine Gun

player.additem 0014831C: Combat Shotgun

player.additem 000FDC7D: Walking Cane

player.additem 000FA2F6: Ripper

player.additem 000FF995: Alien Blaster

player.additem 0000463F: Assault Rifle

player.additem 00147BE4: Chinese Officer Sword

player.additem 000913CA: Combat Knife

player.additem 000DF42E: Combat Rifle

player.additem 00171B2B: Cryolator

player.additem 000DDB7C: Gamma Gun

player.additem 00110414: LibertyPrime Laser

player.additem 0001DACF: Laser Musket

player.additem 0005BBA4: Hunting Rifle

player.additem 000D1EB0: Gauss Rifle

player.additem 000D8576: Deathclaw Gauntlet

player.additem 0014D09E: Syringer


player.additem 00023432: Army Helmet

player.additem 000DEDE7: Engineer’s Armor

player.additem 000E370E: Field Scribe’s Armor

player.additem 000E1AF6: Bomber Jacket

player.additem 000E1AF8: Flight Helmet

player.additem 000DEDEB: BOS Uniform

player.additem 000E1A39: BOS Hood

player.additem 00134294: BOS Officer Uniform

player.additem 0011D3C7: Combat Armor Left Arm

player.additem 0011D3C6: Combat Armor Right Arm

player.additem 0011E2C8: Combat Armor Helmet

player.additem 0011D3C5: Combat Armor Left Leg

player.additem 0011D3C4: Combat Armor Right Leg

player.additem 0011D3C3: Combat Armor Chest Piece

player.additem 001184C1: Gas Mask with Goggles

player.additem 000F6D86: Hard Hat

player.additem 000CEAC4: Hazmat Suit

player.additem 0007B9C7: Leather Left Arm

player.additem 0007B9C3: Leather Right Arm

player.additem 0007B9C4: Leather Left Leg

player.additem 0007B9C5: Leather Right Leg

player.additem 0007B9C6: Leather Chest Piece

player.additem 0004A53B: Roat Leathers

player.additem 0004B933: Metal Left Arm

player.additem 000536C1: Metal Right Arm

player.additem 000787D3: Metal Helmet

player.additem 000536C2: Metal Left Leg

player.additem 000536C3: Metal Right Leg

player.additem 000536C4: Metal Chest Piece

player.additem 00140C52: Raider Power Left Arm

player.additem 00140C53: Raider Power Right Arm

player.additem 00140C54: Raider Power Helm

player.additem 00140C55: Raider Power Left Leg

player.additem 00140C56: Raider Power Right Leg

player.additem 00140C57: Raider Power Chest Piece

player.additem 00154AC3: X-01 Left Arm

player.additem 00154AC4: X-01 Right Arm

player.additem 00154AC5: X-01 Helm

player.additem 00154AC6: X-01 Left Leg

player.additem 00154AC7: X-01 Right Leg

player.additem 00154AC8: X-01 Torso

player.additem 00019568: Long Johns

player.additem 001BBCB9: Railroad Armored Coat Mk V

player.additem 00117EB7: Winter Jacket and Jeans

player.additem 0018796C: Synth Left Arm

player.additem 0018796E: Synth Right Arm

player.additem 0018796A: Synth Field Helmet

player.additem 00187976: Synth Helmet

player.additem 00187974: Synth Chest Piece

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. There are many more codes that you can use to add items on your inventory that you can find by using the player.additem [item ID] [number] command. So, do keep that in mind. 

If you feel like we forgot to mention something important, then you can let us know about it in the comments section. 

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