EU4 Console Commands & Cheats

EU4 console commands deliver a whole new world of possibilities to play with. You can use them to get extra money, manpower, sailors, military power, control the AI or the environment, and so much more. 

All you need to know is which keywords/commands to use and that’s about it. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most useful and fun commands that one can use on EU4. 

How to Enable the Console on EU4

Some games require you to activate the console first or you won’t be able to use it. Thankfully, EU4 has it enabled by default. 

So, all you need to do is jump into the game and use the “~” button to open the console and insert the command of your choice. 

If that doesn’t work, you can also try using @ or “. Still nothing? Then there is also Shift + 2, Shift + 3, and ALT + 2 + 1. 

If nothing works at all, go to the control settings and see what hotkey your game requires in order to open the console. The buttons above are normally the default option (Depending on your keyboard), but there’s a chance that you accidentally changed the hotkey or something.

Most Popular Commands

These are the commands that most people look for in articles like this one as they are arguably the most useful out of the bunch. They can give you more manpower, money, prestige, and things like that. 

cash [Amount] [Country tag]: Gives you the specified amount of money (Country tags are optional)

manpower [Amount] [Country tag]: Gives you more manpower (In thousands)

sailors [Amount] [Country tag]: Adds more sailors

prestige [Amount] [Country tag]: Adds prestige (If no amount is specified, then it’ll give 5)

legitimacy [Amount] [Country tag]: Sets the legitimacy of the current ruler

adm [Amount] [Country tag]: Gives you administrative power (Will give you 999 in case that no amount is specified)

dip [Amount] [Country tag]: Gives you diplomatic power points (999 if you don’t specify an amount)

mil [Amount] [Country tag]: Gives you military power points (999 if you don’t specify an amount)

yesman: Toggles diplomatic responses to “Always yes”. If you wish to turn it off, just execute the command again

fow: Disables or enables Fog of War

ti: Toggles terra incognita on or off

debug_mode: Displays information such as province ID, country tag, and border distance when placing your mouse over provinces

observe: Turns you into an observer who sees everything (But you’ll no longer control any country)

ti: Reveals the entire map 

add_opinion [Country tag]: Improves relations with a country by 100

winwars: War Score is set to 100 in all wars

leader: Creates a military  leader

admiral: Creates a naval leader

AI Related Commands

These are the commands that you can use to control the AI. 

set_ai_personality: Sets personality for the specified AI (Ex. Capitalist)

set_ai_attitude: Gives the defined attitude to the specified AI (Ex. Friendly)

ai_army_tick: AI reevaluates all army movements

ai_minister: Enables or disables AI ministers

ai_plan_regions: AI Reevaluates all region assignments

ai(ai) [Country tag]: Enables or disables nations for the specified ID

aiinvalid: Print invalid AI command counts

aiview: Enables additional AI info

fast_colonize: Enables the fast colonize cheat which affects the AI as well

invasion_target [Province ID]: Force sets AI invasion target to the specified ID

nowar: Disables AI war declarations

yesman: AI always accepts 

Country and Province Related Commands

These commands can be used to impact countries other than your own in various ways. Do keep in mind that you can use debug_mode in order to see country IDs. 

tag: [Country tag]: Switches over to the specified country

die: [Country tag]: Kills the current ruler

add_heir [Country tag]: Adds a new heir to the country

kill_heir [Country tag]: Kills the current country’s heir

annex [Country tag]: Begin annexation of the specified country

integrate [Country tag]: Begin integration of the specified country

vassalize [Country tag]: Vassalize the specified country

protectorate [Country tag]: Make a protectorate of a country

form_union [Country tag]: Turns you into a leader of union with the specified country

add_claim [Province ID]: Gives a claim to the Province

remove_claim [Province ID]: Removes the claim on the Province

add_core [Province ID]: Turns the specified Province into a core

remove_ core [Province ID]: Removes the core from the specified Province

own [Province ID]: Gives you ownership of the Province

control [Province ID]: Gives you control of a province

culture [Province ID]: Changes Province’s culture to your primary culture

setmissionaryprogress [Province ID]: Sets missionary progress to 98% (You can also set your own value)

revolt [Province ID]: Starts a revolt

pirate [Province ID]: Spawns pirates in that sea zone

population [Province ID]: Add 10 population to a colony (You can set your own value as  well)

add_natives [Province ID] [Value] : Adds natives ini increments of 100

colonize [Province ID]: Colonizes  a province

Multi-Use Commands/Events

These commands can be used as many times as you’d like and are mostly useful for controlling other countries/provinces and your own as well. 

Do keep in mind that maximum relations max out at +200 and decay at 2 per year. Other than that, you can repeat a command simply by pressing the “Arrow Up” button on your keyboard to bring the most recent command up and then hitting “Enter”.

event republics.7 [Country ID]: Adds 5 Republican Tradition

event 5099 [Country ID]: Add or subtract 2.5 Mercantilism

event 853 [Country ID]: Subtract 1 Inflation

event 860 [Country ID]: Subtract 2 War Exhaustion

event 5074 [Country ID]: Add 28 manpower

event 6015 [Country ID]: Add 1 Base Tax

event ideagroups.1205 [Country ID]: Subtract 1 Frecoty and Hostility from a random owned Colony with Natives

event 5056: Add 60 Eased Tension Opinion to every neighbor that you’re not at war with

event 5088: Add 50 Diplomatic Solution Opinion to a neighbor with less than 50 opinion

event 864: Add 30 Improved Relations Opinion to a neighbor with the same religion and no truce or an ongoing war

event 5096: Add 40 Accepted Bribe Opinion to a Holy Roman Empire Elector

event 9479: Change Government to Constitutional Monarchy

event flavor_mng.17: Change Government to Constitutional Monarchy

event republic.3: Changes Government to Despotic Monarchy

event republic.19: Changes Government to Revolutionary Republic

event westernisation.11: Changes Religion to Protestant

event westernisation.12: Changes Religion to Reformed

event westernisation.13: Changes Religion to Catholic

Single-Use Commands

These options can only be used once for their duration. Other than that, the same structure with the multi-use commands applies here as well. 

event republics.14: Gives +1 Merchant or +15% Trade Power for 5 years

event ideagroups.907: Gives +10% Trade Steering for 5 years

event ideagroups.1306: Gives +5% Heavy Ship Power for 5 years

event ideagroups.1307: Gives +5 Light Ship Power for 5 years

event ideagroups.711: Gives +0.50 Land Morale for 5 years

event ideagroups.712: +5 Infantry Power for 5 years

event ideagroups.713: +5 Cavalry Power for 5 years

event ideagroups.1606: +1 Advisor Pool for 5 years

event 4027: +2 Missionary Strength for 6 years

event random_event.13: +1% Missionary Strength until the death of the ruler

event ideagroups.217: +2 Heretic and Heathen Tolerance for 5 years

event ideagroups.214: -2 Revolt Risk for 5 years

event 857: +10% Diplomatic Relations over time for 5 years

event 4030: +15% Spy in Offense and Defense for 6 years

Wrapping Up

As far as useful commands go, that’s about it for now. We obviously can’t mention every single available command as that would be quite a long, and most importantly, unreadable list. 

Still, if you want to see more, check out our sources. 

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