Empyrion Console Commands & Cheats

Empyrion is a fine game as it is. But, there is no doubt that using console commands makes things a lot more interesting. We can use them to make ourselves invincible, teleport anywhere, ban others (If you’re the admin), and more. 

All you need is the right keywords and that’s about it. But, before that, we’d highly recommend keeping a backup of the game – just in case that something goes wrong. After all, console commands are known for breaking games in all sorts of ways. 

And with that out of the way, let us move on!

How to Enable the Console on Empyrion

There are lots of games that come with the console disabled. After all, it’s usually made only for developers and not for players. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case with Empyrion. The console is enabled by default, so, all we have to do is launch the game and press the tilde “~” button. 

If that doesn’t work for you, try using “`” instead. The exact button may differ from keyboard to keyboard; depending on the layout and language, but, it’s generally placed under ESC and next to “1”. 

Empyrion Console Commands and Cheats

Let’s kick things off with some of the most popular and/or useful commands that are available at the moment. 

help [Command]: Displays all subcommand and help for the specified command

di: Displays debug information on the screen. This is very useful for finding out the different IDs of items, objects, creatures, etc

Godmode: Classic god mode (Makes the character invincible while also giving you the ability to fly freely). You can disable or re-enable it by using the “G” button. 

Godmode Invisible: Same thing – but it also makes you invisible while allowing access to all structures as if you’re the owner (If the “G” button bugs out, use Godmode Off instead)

Sector [Orbit]: Teleports you to the specified destination’s orbit. For example, Sector Akua Orbit (Do keep in mind that this command is case sensitive)

Teleport: Allows you to teleport by right-clicking on the map (Can be a bit buggy at times. Also, the teleport applies not only to the player but to the ship as well)

Teleport [Coordinates]: Same thing but requires the location’s coordinates instead (Useful for when the target location is a bit too far)

Map: Displays everything on the map. To disable it, use Mad Hide

Setposition [ID] [Coordinates]: Moves the specified item, structure, player, or anything that you specify on the [ID] section. Do keep in mind that coordinates need to be inserted with no spaces and require commas. For example: setposition 1048 -2249,111,915

Ents: Lists all entity IDs on the current playfield. Other than that, names and faction are included as well

sbp: Toggles blueprint spawning on or off

faction list: Lists all factions along with their IDs, number of players, and the tick

Itemmenu: Makes it so that the H key brings up the item menu

Server Commands

Various commands that can be used in multiplayer. Do keep in mind that most of them require you to be an administrator. 

Faction [Faction Command] [Player ID]: Allows you to assign players on a faction, remove them, and more. As far as the [Faction Command] is concerned, these are all the subcommands that you’ll need: 


  • create
  • join
  • delete
  • allow
  • deny
  • remove
  • entity


Ban [Player ID/Steam ID] [Duration]: Bans the specified player for a set duration in hours, days, or months


  • h: Hours
  • d: Days
  • m: Months


unban [Player/Steam ID]: Unbans the specified player

Destroy [Object ID]: Destroys the specified object. Do keep in mind that if base pieces have the same IDs then they’ll both be destroyed – which can lead to the destruction of an entire base

Find [Object]: Finds the specified structure in the Playfield and prints its ID

kick all [Optional reason]: Kicks everyone from the game. Leaving a reason/message behind is optional

kick [Player/Steam ID] [Optional reason]: Kicks the specified player from the game

op [Structure ID]: Enables or disables offline protection for the specified structure

setposition [Structure ID] [Coordinates]: Sets the position of the specified structure – basically an easy way to teleport it

setrole [Player/Steam ID] [Role]: Sets the role of the specified player. The available roles that you can use are: 


  • gm: Gamemaster
  • mod: Moderator
  • admin: Administrator


time [Value]: Sets the time in seconds. 10 is night while 10000 is day

time: Displays the current time

MISC Commands

Just various commands of miscellaneous nature. 

weather [Weather]: Allows you to set the current weather. The [Weather] commands that you can use are: 





















Their names are pretty self-explanatory – which is why we don’t think that it’s necessary to add a description for each one of them. 

undock [SV or HV]: Undocks the specified SV or HV. Can be useful in case the game glitches out

uresource: Manage underground ressources

repair [Item ID]: Repairs the specified item

oxygen: Shows oxygenated areas in POI

level: Adds or sets an amount of XP or Upgrade Points. The subcommands that can be used with this command are: 


  • x+ [Value]: Adds XP
  • x= [Value]: Sets the XP to the specified value
  • u+ [Value]: Adds Upgrade Points
  • u= [Value]: Sets Upgrade Points to the specified value


give [Item ID]: Gives you more or less anything that has an ID

detach: Detaches you which can be helpful when you are stuck under the cockpit

Wrapping Up

That’s all we have for now. If you feel like we forgot to mention an important or useful command, let us know about it in the comments. 

That being said, do keep in mind that Empyrion is still in early access. There is a good chance that more stuff will be added in the future – not to mention that some commands may end up being erased. 

Again, don’t forget to keep a backup of the game as commands can easily break it in a number of interesting ways. 

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