Don’t Starve Together Console Commands & Cheats

Don’t Starve Together is a great game on its own. But, there is no doubt that using console commands offers so many more options to play with. 

That being said, we’d recommend keeping a backup of the game – just in case that you end up breaking anything. And let us tell you that commands are known for breaking games. 

Not sure if that’s possible with DST. But, we wouldn’t take any chances. And with that out of the way, let’s move on!

How to Enable Don’t Starve Together’s Console

The console of the game should be enabled by default and you can bring it up by using the tilde “~” key. If that doesn’t work, try using something like “`” instead. 

The exact button may differ from keyboard to keyboard due to the different layouts and languages. But, in the end, you should be able to find it below the “ESC” key and right next to “1”. 

If by any chance the console is not enabled, then you’ll have to manually enable it by editing the game’s .ini file. To do that, go to: 

  1. Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client.ini
  2. Open it by using Notepad or any text editor that suits you 
  3. Find the [MISC] section
  4. And add ENABLECONSOLE = true under it

Before we start, do keep in mind that most commands will have to be re-entered every time that you load a new world. 

Other than that, as far as multiplayer/server commands are concerned, you’ll either have to be the host, or the admin of a dedicated server. In such cases, most commands need to be executed remotely. To switch over to remote command mode, simply press the CTRL button while having the console open. 

Don’t Starve Together Console Commands and Cheats

Since there are quite a lot of commands to mention, we’ll try splitting everything into a variety of different categories to make things easier for you. The commands in this category are just some of the most popular and useful options that one can find. 

One last thing. When you need to determine a percentage, do keep in mind that it has to be done in decimals. For example, 0.50 is actually 50%, 0.60 is 60%, etc. 

c_goadventuring: Gives you a set of starting items

c_sethealth [Percentage]: Sets your Health to the specified percentage

c_setsanity [Percentage]: Sets Sanity

c_sethunger [Percentage]: Sets Hunger

c_setmoister [Percentage]: Sets moisture level

c_temperature [Degrees]: Sets temperature

c_godmode: Plain old god mode. Basically makes you invincible. Do remember that you cannot change stats with commands while god mode is activated

c_supergodmode: Same thing with the main difference that this one sets all your stats to full

c_makeinvisible: Enemies won’t be able to detect you. Though, it may not work in some cases. Chances are that it won’t if you attack a creature

c_speedmult [Value]: Sets your running speed. The default is 1. A higher number makes you faster and a lower number slower. Pretty straight forward. 

c_freecrafting + GetPlayer.components.builder: GiveAllRecipes: Unlocks all blueprints and allows you to craft everything without having to gather resources

ThePlayer.components.hunger:Pause true: Your character won’t starve anymore. You should be able to disable it by using false instead of true

ThePlayer.components.[sanity] or [hunger] or [health]SetMax: Sets the maximum level of sanity, hunger, or health that you can have

c_setbeaverness [Value]: Setting the value to 1 transforms Woodie into the Werebeaver. Setting it to 0 turns him back to Woodie

c_spawn [Item] [Quantity]: Spawns the specified item

Multiplayer/Server Character Commands

The below commands are most useful in situations when you need to manage a server. Things like banning or kicking players, teleporting them to your location, and things like that.

c_listallplayers: Should display all the players with their username and ID who are currently on the server. However, according to Fandom, the specific command doesn’t always work. And apparently, the one that you’ll find below does a better job:

for i, v in ipairs(AllPlayers) do TheNet:SystemMessage(tostring(i) .. “: ” .., false) end

for k,v in pairs(AllPlayers) do [Command] end: Applies the specified command to all players. For example, for k,v in pairs(AllPlayers) do c_sethunger 0.5 end should set the hunger level of all player to 50%

AllPlayers[Player]:PushEvent(‘death’): Kills the specified player

AllPlayers[Player]:PushEvent(‘respawnfromghost’): Ressurects the specified player

c_goto(AllPlayers[Player]): Teleports you to the specified player

c_move(AllPlayers[Player]): Teleports another player to your location

c_despawn(AllPlayers[Player]): Despawns the specified player and puts him back to the character selection menu

TheNet:BanForTime([Player][Time]): Bans a player for the specified amount of time in seconds

c_shutdown[true or false): Shuts down the server. true saves the game before exiting while false exists without saving. c_shutdown() defaults to true. So, do keep that in mind

Weather and Time Commands

As the title suggests, these commands help you with time and weather control. You can even set a specific season if that’s what you are after. 

TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_nextcycle”): Skips a day*30*[Days]): Replace the days parameter with how many days you want to skip

TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_setseason”, [season]”): Sets the game’s season to the one of your choosing. For example, TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_setseason”, “summer”) will set the season to summer

c_settemperature [Percentage]: Sets the temperature. Do keep in mind that you can only use decimals for percentages (0.5, 0.6, etc)

c_spawn(“shadowmeteor”, 1): Spawns a meteor strike – because why not

TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_sendlightningstrike”, ConsoleWorldPosition()): Causes a lightning strike (Unless there is a lightning rod nearby)

TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_forceprecipitation”): Starts raining

TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_forceprecipitation”, false): Stops raining

TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_setseasonlength”, {season=”summer”, length=15}): Sets the overall length of the seasons (Change the length value to whatever you prefer)

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. If we forgot to mention an important command, feel free to let us know about it in the comments section down below. 

Once again, don’t forget to keep a backup of the game – just in case that something ends up going wrong while messing with the commands. That’s probably not going to do much in cases that you ended up messing a server configuration. But, it’s sure going to be very useful for local sessions. 

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