7 Days to die Console Commands & Cheats

7 Days to Die console commands are mostly made for developer testing. But, that’s not to say that we can’t use them to make things a bit easier or just have a bit of extra fun. 

We have a bunch of available commands to use. But, before that, we’d highly recommend keeping a separate, clean backup of the game first. 

In that way, even if a command ends up crashing everything, you still won’t have to worry about losing progress or anything like that. And with that out of the way, let’s get right into it!

How to Enable Console in 7 Days to Die

The console in 7 Days to Die is enabled by default. So, all you need to do is get access to it by heading in the game and using the “~” or “`” buttons. If that doesn’t work, you could also try pressing “, @, 0, F2, or Ö/Ø. 

By the way, do keep in mind that unlike with other games, the commands here are case sensitive. So, basically, clear is going to work while Clear will not. 

Player Commands

As the title suggests, these commands are all targeted towards controlling your character in a number of different ways. 

exhausted: Makes your player exhausted

giveself [Item] [Quality]: Gives your character the specified item (Item names can be found at: 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\items.xml)

giveselfxp [Amount]: Gives you the specified amount of XP

giveselfskillxp [Skill] [Amount]: Add XP to the specified skill

starve: Makes you hungry

switchview: Toggles between 1st and 3rd person

teleport [E/W] [N/S]: Teleports you to the specified coordinates

thirsty: Makes you thirsty

buff [Buff ID]: Gives you the specified buff (A list of the buff IDs can be found over here)

givequest [Quest ID]: Gives you the specified quest (List of quest IDs)

Server Commands

help [Command]: Displays help for the specified command (Ban, debuff, etc)

admin add [Name/Steam ID] [Permission level]: Turns a player into an admin. Permissions can be set from 0 (Maximum) to 1000 (None). IDs can be discovered by using “lpi”

ban add [Name/Steam ID] [Duration] [Duration Unit] [Optional Reason]: Bans a player for the specified duration. Duration units can be set to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years

ban list: Displays a list of all the banned players

buffplayer [Name/Steam ID] [Buff]: Gives buff to the specified player (You can find all the available buffs at 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\buffs.xml

clear: Clears all text in the command console

cp add [Command] [Level]: Adds a command to the command permission list with the specified level (You can use cp list to view all commands)

cp remove [Command]: Removes the specified command from the command permission list

creativemenu: Toggles the creative menu

enablescope [on/off]: Toggles debug scope

getgamepref: Prints a list of the current game preferences

kick [Name/Steam ID] [Optional Reason]: Kicks the specified player (Reason is optional)

kickall [Optional Reason]: Kicks all the players from the current season (Reason is optional)

listends: Lists all entities that are currently in-game (Players, animals, and zombies)

listplayerids: Lists player IDs

listplayers: Gives you the details about all players (Health, location, ID, etc)

saveworld: Performs a manual save

shutdown: Exits/shuts down the game

staticmap: Switches map between static and dynamic

systeminfo: Displays information about the system (CPU, RAM, etc)

weathersurvival [on/off]: Toggles water survival

whitelist add [Name/Steam ID]: Adds the specified player to the whitelist

whitelist remove [Name/Steam ID]: Removes the specified player from the whitelist

whitelist list: Shows you a list of the whitelisted players

Weather and Time Commands

Commands that allow you to control time and weather. Pretty much self-explanatory. 

weather [Weather]: Sets the current weather. The IDs are: 


  • normalize
  • SnowFall [0-1]
  • Rain [0-1]
  • Wet [0-1]
  • Snow [0-1]
  • Clouds [0-1]
  • Temp [Temperature]
  • Fog [0-1]
  • FogStart [Distance]
  • FogEnd [Distance]
  • DefaultSnowFall
  • DefaultRain
  • DefaultWet
  • DefaultSnow
  • DefaultClouds
  • DefaultTemp
  • DefaultFog
  • Defaults

Certain commands like SnowFall can be set to decimals to define the overall density. For example, SnowFall 0.5 isn’t going to be as intense as SnowFall 1

As we mentioned in the beginning, these commands are case sensitive. So, basically, chances are that SnowFall 1 will work while snowfall 1 won’t. 

settime day: Sets the time to day

settime night: Sets the time to night

settime [Time]: Allows you to set a specific time in the 24h format. For example: settime 1400 sets the time to 2pm

settime [Day] [Hour] [Minute]: Same thing but more precise and you can also go a few days forward

Miscellaneous Commands

Various commands of miscellaneous nature. 

systeminfo: Prints information about your computer (Hardware, operating system, etc)

debugmenu on/off: Enables or disables Debug Mode. While in Debug Mode, you can toggle God Mode by pressing “G”

creativemenu: Enables or disables the Creative Menu (While enabled, you can get access to it with “U”

teleportplayer [Player/Steam ID/Entity ID] [X Y Z]: Teleports the specified player or entity to the specified coordinates

showclouds [Texture]: Changes the clouds to the specified texture. Those can be found at resources/textures/environment/spectrums/default. If you wish to use the default clouds, just type showclouds without mentioning anything else

repairchinkdensity [X Z] [fix]: Checks for mismatches within a check on the specified coordinates and attempts to repair them

weathersurvival [on/off]: Toggles weather survival

spawnentity [Entity ID]: Spawns the specified entity (You can also add a player ID to spawn it at the location of a player). Typing spawnentity without anything else will print a list of all entity IDs

spawnwanderinghorde: Spawns a horde of zombies

givequest [Quest ID]: Gives you the specified quest (You can find quest IDs over here)

removequest [Quest ID]: Removes the specified quest 

say [message]: Sends a message to the chat

version: Shows you the version of the game that is currently running

water limit [Amount]: Limits the water flow updates

spectrum [Spectrum ID]: Sets the game’s lighting spectrum. The ones that you can use are:



  • BloodMoon
  • Foggy
  • Rainy
  • Stormy
  • Snowy
  • Biome (Our sources say that this is unlikely to work and may end up crashing your game)


spawnaiardrop: Spawns an air drop at a random location

mem: Prints RAM information about the server

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. If you feel like we forgot to mention an important command, then let us know about it in the comments. 

And once again, make sure to always keep backups – just in case that something goes wrong. 

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